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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Car

We got a new car today. We traded in our PT Cruiser for a Honda Fit. The PT has been a great car for us, and if it got better gas mileage (and frankly if Chrysler wasn’t discontinuing it!) we probably would’ve bought another one. They are such great cars for what we do. That car was ‘mission control’ for the 6 weeks we drove around the country in 2006. It had both of our bikes, extra wheels, all of our luggage and us in it. We’ve even fit 4 bikes in that car before! Marty bought the PT in 2003. My car is a 2000 Xterra, which we always thought would be the next car we trade in. But it actually made more sense for us to trade in the PT. The Xterra is all paid off, but the PT wasn’t. The PT was the primary car I drove since I have a much longer commute (versus Marty’s 2 feet away from our bedroom to the office), and it’s not paid off. We could basically trade it in and have almost the same payments but for a new car that would get better gas mileage. And it will be nice to still have an SUV if we need to haul anything big. We definitely need to get Sirius satellite installed asap as I cannot go back to regular radio! That’s the news for today. And today marks one week until our vacation to Costa Rica! I’m so excited!!


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