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Monday, August 18, 2008

Degrees of Separation

I was thinking of ways I know some of the current Olympians, and was hoping I would become faster by proxy:

  • Shalane Flanagan (10K): My family ran into her on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill and was introduced to her by a high school friend of mine. She was, I think, in her sophomore year at UNC
  • Kara Goucher (10K): Sat next to her at the Junior Olympics cross country awards ceremony in Alabama when I was 13. She won. I was 21st. Hmmm, hard to see which one of us had a wee bit more talent. We also were at Footlocker Nationals at the same time (the one year I made it).
  • Amy Yoder-Begely (10K): She lapped me at the indoor SEC track meet my freshman year. Luckily, I didn’t get pulled off the track. They usually pull the lapped runners down to 12. There is a lot of strategy in the back to make sure you’re in the top 12 at a certain point in the race!
  • Laura Bennet (triathlon): Her brother, John Reback, was one of Marty’s constant competitors in Florida. John is nice even though some of the guys liked to call him “The Dark Prince of Triathlon” when he would win literally every race back a few years ago.
  • Hunter Kemper (triathlon): Actually do know him from way back, when we did triathlons as kids growing up in Florida.

I slept in this morning instead of going to Master’s practice, woopsy. But in my defense, I was only planning on swimming today so moving it to this evening was not a huge deal. I was feeling pretty tired and knew the extra sleep would be better for me. After TWO bike rides this weekend, (one of them being hill repeats), I was feeling a little wupped. I almost hit 11 hours of training, which is really good for me. How some of you manage close to 20 hours with a job and a life is beyond me!

I’m watching the tropical storm/hurricane information in Florida with some interest. Obviously because my parents are in St. Pete (even though, knock on wood, St. Pete gets spared all the time from the storms). I’m also interested because I know how absolutely chaotic everything gets when a storm approaches. First off, they can never predict where it’s going to make landfall – and that’s really the only place where it’s bad. Unless you get a storm like Charley which ripped through the state so fast that everything in its path was up for grabs. 2004 was a bad summer for Florida and I remember it like it was yesterday. Even though we had 3 storms come rolling through, we barely missed any work because they all came through on the weekend! What were the chances? So at least this one is midweek so everyone should get a paid day off :) They would have us wrap our computers in plastic before we left for the weekend in case there was some massive flooding (there never was). Then you try to get gas and all stations are empty or there are huge long lines. You stop into Publix and all essentials have been cleared out. You’d think it was Armageddon, not just some tropical storm! Fun times - enjoy yourselves Florida!


At August 19, 2008 10:35 AM , Blogger Beth said...

I had to laugh about the getting lapped (but not pulled) at the SEC meet. Been there myself (only Big Ten instead). Indoors was rough - much easier to get lapped on those 200 meter tracks!! :)

Anyway - hope your parents are safe in Florida!

At August 20, 2008 8:57 AM , Blogger Jennifer Harrison said...

I liked your degree of separation - and who you know at the Olympics! I do remember John Reback winning everything he touched a few years ago! Good genes in that family! Hope your family in FL will be ok! Jen H. :)


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