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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Soaking Wet

It was the weekly hard/fun Wednesday group ride. I love this ride because it consists of a small group of friends who all like to work hard but are all nice to one another if someone is having a rough go. We had a great steady workout until the last 25 or so minutes when the skies absolutely opened up and a deluge came down. Did that tropical storm take a wrong turn and come up through Durham or something? We all yelled and cursed our weatherman who promised blue, sunny skies. I have never ridden in such hard rain - a total downpour where you could barely see in front of you, and even if you could the rain was pelting you right in your eyes so it wouldn't have mattered. Thousands of needles were stinging our arms and legs and we were riding through newly formed rivers in the road. At one point my right pedal downstroke had my foot completely underwater! The only positive thing I could come up with was at least it wasn't COLD and raining. Been there, done that, never want to do it again.

We all made it safely back to our cars and when I got home I was a good girl and cleaned and lubed my chain. I'm patiently waiting for the pizza to cook before I gorge myself. While I'm waiting I'm drinking a Michelob Ultra Pomegranate Raspberry beer. It is totally girly but I love it, so nyah nyah.

I have a very strict time schedule in the morning because I need to get on the waitlist first thing for the Wilmington triathlon. That thing filled up overnight while we were at Eagleman and I really, really want to do it. Fingers crossed...


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