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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Calf Strain!

I went to see an awesome massage therapist yesterday and he worked on me for 2 hrs! That was 2 hrs of pure pain – and it turns out he is pretty sure I strained my soleus and my Achilles is ok. I’m relieved about that because I know Achilles problems are not to be taken lightly and can last for a very long time. I’m not sure how exactly I strained the muscle but I do know that I’m very, very tight on my right side, which might explain some of the problems I’ve been having this year (which all happen to be on the right side). I’m planning on sneaking back a few times to get more massage when Marty’s not looking :) It seems I need a little help in taking care of this body that I’ve been abusing for a long time now.

I’m now in off-season running mode which means ‘no running’ since I need to let this muscle heal. He worked on it so deep that even last night just the lightest touch was painful. I’m all compression socked up at work but nobody knows since I’ll wear pants everyday. I try to get to swimming at least two times a week but I’m not so sure about biking right now. I rode the trainer the other night easy because I thought it wouldn’t hurt my leg but it was sore after. And now knowing that I have a muscle strain it makes sense. I think I’ll lay off the bike for a bit longer – there’s no point in hurting it more, and it’s only November so what type of training is really necessary?

My plan is to stretch more, strengthen more, and get a couple of more massages. Mom and dad – great Christmas gifts will be a few freebies! I didn’t really want a Garmin watch anyways.


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