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Monday, March 23, 2009

She's the Cute-Dumb Girl

Nice weekend, albeit a little chilly for my liking this late in March. We got in some solid workouts and I’m feeling pretty strong. Marty stayed with me on the tempo portion of our long run on Saturday – he was grunting and groaning but he did it, which is exactly what he needs to do to get himself back into shape.

As mentioned in my last post, we watched Cider (Tassie’s best friend) all weekend. Those two play hard and sleep hard. They were both exhausted by Sunday afternoon, and Tassie didn’t even get off of her pillow this morning when Marty came downstairs (yes, that’s right, she didn’t even make it upstairs last night she was so tired!) Instead she looked at him and just gave him her paw, “this will have to do until I’m ready to stand”!

Whenever Cider comes over Tassie goes completely berserk and is so excited. On Saturday, we opened the side door to get something from the car and Cider walked out. This is the door that she always comes into our house. She was out there for about 10 seconds before I walked out and called her. So she walks back through the door and Tassie goes crazy again! It was like a reset button and Tassie completely forgot that Cider had just been inside 10 seconds earlier. I’ve never said we had the smartest dog; she’s just awfully cute and nice :)


At March 23, 2009 8:23 PM , Blogger Maijaleena said...

Maybe she is just playing dumb to get attention? :)

At March 23, 2009 10:46 PM , Blogger Heather said...

I think that is the first thing I said about Tassie "it's a good thing she's cute!"
Ashleigh is so very excited to see her when you come visit!


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