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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Late Nights

I think tonight I will be hitting the bed very early. I'm sitting on our couch at the moment watching the Masters and enjoying having my feet up. No, I didn't have a big training weekend or anything - just too much late night fun and I'm tired!

Our friend Dan was visiting from Orlando and we had to show him a good time. We had to take him to The Flying Saucer first on Friday night, then we went to a new brewpub in downtown Raleigh called The Boylon Bridge Brew Pub. Good stuff, and only one broken glass throughout the night.

Up the next morning for a big mess of a breakfast and then Marty and I managed to get out for a bike ride. It was a nice day but we were both not feeling it and went rather slow. We did help a wayward NC State student find his way back to campus after getting turned around near Jordan Lake. Then later that night we met up with another friend who moved here from Florida in downtown Durham at a fun Irish pub. The night ended way late - I don't think I've been up this late since New Year's Eve -- yikes!

We made our own messy breakfast this morning since we figured most good places would either be closed or packed with the Easter crowd. We took Dan to Umstead for a run so he could see the slice of heaven we have here (he ran at Cornell and can still throw down some good times when he feels like it). Wow, what a gorgeous day for a run!

I hope all the locals caught the nice article we had in the paper this morning about the open water swim series we're putting on. If not, here's a link to the online version. Local triathletes Tim and Angela Gautrea had their own pictures in it.

And lastly, a HUGE thanks goes out to the Luter Family YMCA in Smithfield, Va. After the race last weekend I took a shower and forgot I had hung my brand new race shorts and sports bra on a hook. I didn't remember until we were back in NC and I was unpacking my bag. The people there were so nice and found my clothes and mailed them right to me - I told them I could at least pay for postage or something and they said they were more than happy to help me out and were glad that I had a made the trip up there to race. Thanks!!


At April 12, 2009 11:43 PM , Blogger Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Yeah - even when I lived in Eastern NC, I had heard about The Flying Saucer... we're planning on visiting at some point... :) Nice training and way to go with all the activities! :) Yea!

What a great YMCA! Fantastic!

At April 14, 2009 3:42 PM , Blogger runningyankee said...

great article!!
i want to some day perhaps join the ring of honor at the flying saucer... but seems you and marty might be light years ahead of me on that :)


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