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Thursday, April 9, 2009

We've Been Pollinated

It's that time of year here in NC, where yellow pollen is everywhere. We got back from Virginia on Sunday afternoon and it had literally exploded. There's fine yellow dust on everything, and it collects all over the place. It looks like the city has been chalked with yellow.

Luckily, it rained hard on Monday which helped to diffuse some of the pollen in the air. Unluckily, it got cold and for like the 8th time this spring I said, "This BETTER be the last cold front!" The only good thing I can think of is it was also cold down in Florida making a wetsuit swim a good chance for St. Anthony's - yay!

I meant to do the Inside Out bike ride on Tuesday, but I wimped out because of the weather. It was going to be in the 40/50's and I just wasn't into it. Instead I killed myself on the trainer watching Rush Hour 2.

It's been a busy week - very busy at work and I'm trying to get all of my workouts in while keeping the house semi-clean since we have company this weekend all the while having two doodles around. Yup, dogsitting again and instead of yelling at Cider to stop sleeping on our couch, I've resorted to putting towels down since I know that's where she goes at night. It's hard to get a dog to understand our house rules when she's there so infrequently. Marty and I were both adamant about keeping Tassie off of all furniture, and she was so trainable it's never been an issue. There's just something about not wanting to lay on the couch when I know some dog's butt may have just been there.

And then this morning I had, ahem, an appointment. It went pretty well, but boy was I tired trying to get everything done at work immediately after. Not totally ideal for the recovery, but what are you going do?


At April 10, 2009 12:57 AM , Blogger Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

GREAT job with the workout - WOW, that sounds tough but amazing! :) Yeah, I remember that yucky pollen...it would coat everything...smearing across the windshield on the car was always awful! And I had a slight allergy, so I was always miserable this time of year out there... Hopefully it'll be over SOON!


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