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Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Friday Friday

So last we talked Marty and I were heading to meet up with a ‘new to us’ track group. It was a 100 degree day so they decided to do something fun instead of the planned 1200 meter repeats. The fun was 200 meter repeats run as 3 person rolling relays – so the relay continued until everyone had done a 200 4 times. We only did 3 rounds which doesn’t add up to a whole lot of mileage but it was a lot of speed! Especially since we were supposed to run these at 5K pace, but who can run 5K pace for 200 meters during a relay?! Unless I plan on running a 14-15min 5K soon... My quads were sore, VERY SORE, for days after. The group was very nice, but as I mentioned to a couple of people, it’s those types of situations where I completely clam up and become shy and introverted. I’ve actually had people tell me on more than one occasion that they thought I was snobby when they first met me because I didn’t talk a whole lot – I promise I’m not! I just get very shy in certain situations – particularly ones that involve larger groups of people where I don’t know anyone. Huge character flaw :(

Don’t forget to sign up for the Nuclear Swim soon! We’ve got a fun t-shirt designed for the event and if you don’t sign up a week in advance we can’t guarantee you a shirt (or size). I’m telling you this for my own benefit because I had too many people get a little huffy at the last race during packet pickup because they didn’t sign up early enough and then got miffed that they didn’t get a t-shirt. And you will be disappointed if you miss out on this one :)

Big day tomorrow: long run at Umstead, swim clinic (our biggest yet, almost had to cap it!) and then right to a Durham Bulls baseball game with friends. Can’t wait!


At August 14, 2009 12:10 PM , Blogger Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend! I know that we talked about this - but I'm totally the same way in larger groups OR in groups where I don't know a lot of the people. :) But you - snobby? Absolutely NOT! Very sweet and genuine - with a killer kick at the end of a race :)

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

At August 14, 2009 1:01 PM , Blogger Beth said...

Hmm...you and me have the same character flaw. And you are DEFINITELY NOT snobby!!

Sounds like a great weekend!! Have a blast!!

At August 15, 2009 7:37 AM , Blogger Maijaleena said...

That track workout sounds like so much fun!

You are a nice and sweet person. I think a lot of times women/girls that are a little quiet in large groups but are also talented seem to get unfairly labeled as snobby. Has happened to me many times as well.


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