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Friday, August 7, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

  • The toll-ticket we blew through on our way to Philly came in the mail the other day. We were worried they were going to charge us some outrageous fee but nope, just the price of the toll: $5.00. Pheww! Marty and I are both bad about having cash on us, and who can scrounge around the car for $5? I did get to above $2 which I thought was impressive. But seriously, if the tolls are getting that high they really need to have the option of paying with a credit card.

  • I pretty much had a little more than a week off of swimming and boy do I feel s-l-o-w in the water! Funny how fast you can lose it. But, I also know it comes back quick so I just slogged through the Wednesday and Friday master’s practice.

  • Ice Cream Ride tomorrow morning! Will ride for 50-60 miles for homemade ice cream :)

  • Thanks to Michelle Simmons (who I’ve never met, just stalk her read her blog) I bought and finished the book The Other Boleyn Girl on our vacation. Great read.

  • We’ve been taking Tassie with us more and more to outdoor restaurants that allow dogs and she’s been doing beautifully. There’s a new place near us called the Corner Tavern that she can go to and last night we ate outside at Pei-Wei. She is super well behaved and only gets scared if one of the chairs makes too much noise. But she’s even getting better at that.

  • I don’t want to complain about work anymore, but let’s just say the stress level was way too high this week. Proposal was printed and is being hand delivered by the project manager on Monday. Big sigh of relief!

  • Here I am on the awards stand at the Brigantine Triathlon. They had post-race burgers and pulled pork sandwiches, making me think I was back in North Carolina. The lady to the left of me (2nd place) is 50! Hard to believe.

  • If you’d like to see more pictures, you can friend me on facebook. I’m too lazy to load them :)


At August 7, 2009 2:52 PM , Blogger Rebecca DeWire said...

Congrats on your win!

I read The Other Boleyn Girl and never wanted that book to end; it was amazing. I also read The Queen's Fool by the same author, but it wasn't as good.

At August 7, 2009 3:53 PM , Blogger Jennifer Harrison said...

Hi Bri! Yay on your win. I stalk (err, follow you) on FB so I saw the pics - they pop up on my side tool bar EVERY day. HAHA lol

At August 7, 2009 4:03 PM , Blogger Mama Simmons said...

I finally finished the book last night... I guess I didn't even realize that it was actually cbased on a true story. I hated history in high school. :)

I'm with you on the credit cards. I'd be hard pressed to ever find $5 cash on me.

At August 7, 2009 5:01 PM , Blogger Angela and David Kidd said...

That woman to the left of you is 50? Damn. I hope I look that good at 50.

Congrats on your win!


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