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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goings On

Into another week already! October is flying by and we actually had to turn the heat on this morning (a little different from my Florida readers I suppose - after hearing the grumbling from my family about how HOT it’s been down there).

Marty and I drove down to Pinehurst on Saturday to cheer fellow athletes and clients on. It was extremely humid and both of us were very glad we weren’t racing after just doing the run course. This is a nice race, but it’s very challenging and the elements didn’t help much. Every single person I talked to after the race had pretty much the same sentiment: “Ugh, that was really hard.” October is a difficult month to predict the weather here; sometimes that race is freezing and other times, not so much. It was not so much on Saturday, although Sunday was crisp as Marty and I headed out for a run and a little mountain bike ride after. The running was training, the biking was just ‘working out.’ Its fun to go on nice bike rides and just enjoy the scenery.

Saturday I was also pretty intent on watching IM Hawaii, tracking one of my good friends and reading her husbands facebook status updates. Brooke was solid throughout the day and ended up 5th in her age group (podium!). I am so happy for her!

I also just started to read the books that the HBO show True Blood is based on, to help satiate this new found vampire appetite I have. Marty is thrilled because he’s always loved anything and everything vampire, and one of my favorite quotes from him early on in our relationship was him trying to convince me to watch some horrible vampire movie: “There’s vampires in it! How bad can it be?!” (it was bad). But these books are pretty entertaining and we rented a couple of the episodes since we don’t have HBO, and they are also interesting.

And now for some Tassie antics. Last night when I was giving her her dinner (as she patiently sat and waited for me to pour the food – she is very obedient like that), I accidentally dropped a kernel into her water dish. This happens frequently but I just didn’t feel like getting my hand all wet to dig it out so I just left it in there. A little while later I heard bubbles being blown, and sure enough Tassie was dunking her head into the water bowl trying fish it out. I didn’t even know dogs could blow bubbles!


At October 13, 2009 8:09 PM , Blogger Heather said...

I still have my AC on and I am 3 hours north of you - are you sure we are related??
Mia's lab puppy goes under water in the pool and blows bubbles so that she can then attack them on the surface. :)

At October 13, 2009 9:19 PM , Blogger Angela said...

My old english hound mix used to chase sticks in the lake that would sink to the bottom. She looked like a little duck; her entire front half submerged looking (sniffing??) for that stick on the bottom and her tail and hind legs above water. Almost like she was doing a hand stand. It was hilarious.

At October 15, 2009 10:30 AM , Blogger Kim said...

I just turned on my heat last night too and I was not happy about it! In fact.. I hear SNOW tomorrow.. and I'm still training.. ahhhh! Hope you are doing well. Sounds like you are getting to do some fun things nad enjoy fall. I am looking forward to some time off from Tri life myself! Take care!!


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