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Friday, March 12, 2010


And just to keep things interesting, we're traveling again this weekend. I love to travel but I'm not loving the constant unpacking, laundry, repacking that goes with it, not to mention all the little things that don't get done when you are stuck at work all day and then train afterwards.

We're driving to DC to visit long time OSB athlete (and often referred to as 'the nicest lady in the world' on this site), Kathy. This weekend is better than the original one we were going on which was that one where they got like 30 inches of snow.

About a week ago during the middle of a conversation I was having with Marty and someone else, Marty said something along the lines of "...and the race next weekend."

Me: "What race?"

Marty: "The 8K."

Me: "What 8K?"

Marty (exasperated): "The 8K we're doing in DC!"

Me (pointed glare): "You never told me we're doing an 8K!"

Marty: "Oh."

I guess I shouldn't be surprised since Marty loves to do races when we travel somewhere. I checked the weather last night and they were calling for rain/snow showers on Saturday (great for sightseeing) and then cold on Sunday. Today they are saying heavy showers on Saturday (great for sightseeing) and not as cold on Sunday. Sounds like they don't really know.

I did run last night without any hip pain, just a bit of tightness towards the end, but don't plan on running very hard on Sunday. I don't want to aggravate it, but more imporantly, I think I'm just pretty slow right now.

DC should be fun regardless, and I'm looking forward to spending time with Kathy.


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