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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Public Speaking

I am pretty much an introvert - I'm not super assertive or outgoing, and do much better in one-on-one and small group settings. So of course, public speaking is not something I gravitate towards but over the years Marty has made me give at least one presentation at our swim clinics so I have gotten a bit more comfortable doing it. The subject matter is also something I know quite a lot about so that makes it a bit easier.

I have been on a committee at work for the past 6 months that has put together training for a new reporting system that was just released. When asked recently by our lead if I would be willing to be the facilitator at the non-finance training classes, my response was something like, "Well, I don't really like speaking in front of large groups of people so would rather not, but if you can't find anyone else to do it, I can do it."

And that's how I got signed up for 4 different sessions. Cue anxiety.

This meant I actually had to put forth an effort in my appearance and look nice (I actually blew my hair dry and put on eyeshadow!) since I was getting up in front of groups of 15-20 people to train everyone on this new system. I gave 3 different sessions this week and felt pretty good about the first two. Today was a doozy - big class, lots of random questions I really couldn't answer, kept tripping over words, etc.

At the break, another girl on my team looked at me with sympathy and said, "You've got a really tough group." Sigh.

Afterwards people said I did a good job but they may have been trying to make me feel better and make sure I didn't bail on the session I'm signed up to facilitate next week. Meanwhile, my real job goes on in the background and people are starting to wonder where the heck I am.

I came home and got a tempo run in - some good stretching beforehand warded off the hip pain so that was a welcome relief today. It seems I never know if it's going to hurt or not.

And because blogs are always more interesting with a picture, here's one from the 8K we did last weekend in DC. I had a leprechaun tattoo on my cheek that said 'Kiss Me I'm Irish'


At March 19, 2010 1:58 AM , Blogger Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Oh man - you and me BOTH for mass crowd presentations. I used to have to give fitness briefs to entire Marine Units - some of the crowds were large and rowdy. Yikes. I no longer give briefs... :)

Nice picture - you look great! And yea for the pain-free hip. Super!!

At March 19, 2010 10:26 PM , Blogger Angela said...

I would have prefaced the session with "any hard questions can and should be direct to..." and then laughed, then maybe they would have taken easy on you. Try that next week, if it doesn't work, just tell them you need a 3 hour break to research the question.

Shoot, I don't know...I just try to bs my way through sessions that I've been asked to present on. There's always 1 or 2 in the group that try to stump you and they don't know what the heck they're talking about.

At March 20, 2010 9:43 AM , Blogger maija said...

I get nervous with public speaking too. I guess the only way to get better at it is to actually do it instead of avoiding it. You'll do fine and be better for it!


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