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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Update

Well, lookie who it is! I’m blogging!

Since we last talked, or should I say I talked and you listened, I’ve flown to Florida and back. Again. I was on the same Southwest flight as the previous week, but this time it was full of spring breakers – YEAH!!! SHOW US YOUR BOOBS!!! (hmmm, I wonder if I’m going to get weird people on my website doing perverted searches). Boobs and perverted in one blog post. You don’t get that on your normal triathlon blog, do ya? Anyways, I did some people watching and listening and was pretty entertained by the conversations of these spring breakers, including two (young!) guys I caught saying, “You packed the beer in your suitcase, right?”

Oh, those kids!

Friday morning we rode with Anders sans Kathy before heading to Northshore for a swim. It was longcourse and the sun was out! I am now the proud owner of a speedo tan. It’s amazing how quick you get sun (and therefore sun-damage) swimming for an hour. I do miss swimming outdoors but maybe my skin will thank me after all those years under the sun?

Then I got a manicure (which I never get – color is Lincoln Park After Dark in case you are wondering), and then we had some Friday fun and I got to see my good friend from high school, Joy. Saturday I went for a long-ish run where halfway through I found my hip to be hurting. Dangit! Where did that come from? I thought I was all good on that front. Another swim in the sun before Marty and I found ourselves completely ravenous so we stuffed ourselves with greasy pizza and garlic knots. I promptly got a stomach ache. You’d think I’d be smart enough by now to know it’s not good to fill an empty belly with all that grease and cheese, but I seem to never learn. At least I didn’t get a gelato, too!

The wedding was fun and I got all dolled up and wore a cute dress and heels. I got to see lots of family and friends before getting a night cap with my favorite person (that would be Marty).

Pictures from the camp and the wedding are up on Facebook, so you’ll have to friend me if you want to see them! I’m far too lazy to upload them here, also. If you aren’t on Facebook yet, I have no words for you.

Sunday, Marty and I made the long drive back to Cary from St. Petersburg with Tassie in the backseat. She got covered in chain grease as she decided it would be a good idea to lay with her face and paw on the bike chain. I took a couple of days off of running (again! At this rate I will never get back into shape) and tested out the hip last night. It didn’t hurt so I did a bunch of drills and some strides. It was tight today but I had a massage and it was worked on very painfully. Basically, I think I have a weakness (like most) that was exasperated by the half marathon (not cut out for that long stuff) and although I gave it rest I wasn’t proactive enough to help strengthen it back up. You’d better believe I was in the gym yesterday doing all sorts of lateral exercises.

See what happens when I don’t blog regularly? I get longwinded.


At March 10, 2010 7:32 PM , Blogger Angela said...

Gee Bri, didn't you know they don't sell bud light in florida...I mean seriously where have you been?

Hope the hip feels better soon.

At March 11, 2010 4:19 PM , Blogger Kim said...

So fun you got a manicure! Let's see pictures of that! Glad you had fun at the wedding too. Did you show them your boobs by the way.. KIDDING... only kidding.. crazy kids all hopped up on alcohol and smarties....

At March 11, 2010 7:01 PM , Blogger kathy said...

Sorry I missed you guys. You'll have to find another reason to come down. Or then, there's always St A's! Take care!

At March 11, 2010 8:17 PM , Blogger Beth said...

Take care of that hip! (darn long stuff does everyone in :) Glad the wedding/trip was so fun. You guys need a second house in FL. ;)


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