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Ironman Arizona and the Grand Canyon - Gaal Style

The frenetic start of IM AZ 08 Bri shoving her way in to see the start No joke, this guy was doing the double arm backstroke the entire way! OSB athlete Sue heading out with her bike OSB athlete Beverly with her bike We had a nice lunch catching up with the World Famous Zohlman's Our friends had a cooler on wheels stocked with Fat Tire. Yup, that's how we roll. Bri hanging with Martha and Taylor Dudley in the shade Fan favorite, 'Stefano' walks through the aid station Marty and Bri trying to stay cool Mr. Jeff Cuddeback - Man or Machine? OSB athlete Keith smiles as he gets through another aid station A quick stop in Sedona before we got to the Grand Canyon Our first glimpse of the Canyon Marty thought it would be bigger Another shot The Gaal's with some incredible scenery behind them The watchtower at the very east end of the canyon Navajo mountain sitting on an enormous spanse of their reservation Bri in the watchtower Near the top of the Bright Angel trail This is how Marty runs nowadays Pretty pictures were very easy to take here Marty's attempt at being artistic

The Summer of Princess Tasmania

I'm not fat, I'm fluffy! Right before my last summer haircut My pretty bows that I get rid of immediately! I'm a puppy princess! MOM! I don't know about this!! Whee! This is fun!! I'm tired!


Sampling beer in Asheville, cool town The 'no-current' river we swam in Hanging with other Triangle-ites, Nikolai, Brian, and Brooke's leg. Awards ceremony No Gaal trip would be complete without a beer sampler! We had a great time with Chad and Michelle over the weekend

Our First Barbeque (Cookout!)

Everyone having a good time Tassie decided laying in front of the door would get her the most attention Never have there been this many kids in our house Chris and Alysia enjoying some of the yummy food The godfather being funny President Aaron gives his address Our hammock before its demise Cid making everyone laugh Ash hanging out with Princess Tasmania Marty and Haileigh cheesing it up Ashleigh strikes a pose the instant she sees a camera

7 Month Old Tassie Gaal

Hanging out in my favorite room - the kitchen! Keeping a watchful eye on the neighborhood

Christmas 2006

Tassie the binky thief Ashleigh got into Tassie's crate -- and Bri's makeup The happy family Ashleigh isn't sure of the new Tickle Me Elmo Xtreme Tassie hanging with her human cousins And her animal ones Sleepy baby Christmas morning Chewing away at her doggie candycane Bri made Marty a calender filled with great pics of the past year The sisters - Tassie decided to plop down in front when the picture was taken

The Newest Gaal - Tassie, age 4 months

Tassie gets a bath Lying near Marty's chair while he works I'm so fast I'm blurry! Hanging out with daddy How cute is she? She's very cute. She's also very impressed with our backyard.

November 2006 - A Few Pics of Our Home in Cary

President of the Cary chapter of FSU Alumni, also wearing FSU socks and underwear Lazy Saturday afternoons Part of our living room and the dining room Our deck covered in leaves Where I do my best work The view of our cul-de-sac from my office window.  See the leaves changing color?  They're pretty, but a major pain in the ass to clean up

November 2005 - YMCA-OSB Triathlon Team party

The gang threw me a surprise going to Hawaii Luau Funny haha The heart and soul of the team - Bri, Candice, Debbie The troublemakers - Derrick and Luc The whole gang!

Weddings, Birthdays, and other fun stuff

Anna gets married, news at 11! Dan and Katy made it to Marty's 34th get together So did Jim and Tim Out boozing somewhere Future Hawaii competitor Alex Jones with Marty and Farshad I had a good run and won the Nature Coast Twilight Triathlon

Hawaii 2005

Nice place! You can take the dork and put him in a nice place, but that doesn't change the fact that he's a dork Don't mess with this chica My favorite lady So totally radical I had to tilt the picture Don't pee your pants, it's just a mass swim start

September 2004 - Duke Half-Ironman

The Harringtons light it up in Raleigh Bill and Marty relax after the race. Bri kicks out the finish for her first half-IM!  Nice job honey. Bri gets surrounded by her fans at the finish line, news at 11. Christina Noordstar, Marty, and Bri at the awards. Who let the dogs out?  Who, who who who.

August 2004 - Loggerhead Triathlon, Chicago Trip, and Hurricanes

I beat John Reback!  Out of the water, anyway. Lacksadaisical attitudes like this do not win races, Young Skywalker-dude. Slow, fat, and happy. Bri and Marty standing on Al Capone's vault Dan and Bri in front of the famous Bean. The city of Chicago paid like 10 million bucks for this big silver kidney bean.  I should have been an artist.

May 2004 - Pre-Party, Wedding, Honeymoon

Bri and her merry crew Some EZ Sigma Chis and a drunk ex-lifeguard or two The Ocean City Beach Patrol Connection Body shots, more body shots! My favorite Momma Bri and her Dad smirking at me Bri and the bridal shower (the Magnificent Seven) Two lovely ladies, one of whom is permanently off the market The Maroon Bells hiking trail A very secluded stream - fire access roads only Wow...A dream and an angel Would be a great pic if not for the doofus in the foreground I am dorkboy! King of this overlook!  Ha ha ha!  Resent my tiny peepee!

March 2004 - Whistler, Canada Skiing

IT'S FREAKIN FREEZING UP HERE I CAN'T BREATHE, 6800 FEET ALT., OH LORDIE People climb up the big rock behind us for fun, believe it or not. Lots of fun, go there when you can

Feb 04 - Fishing with Dad at Disney

Nothing wrong with a little feast on our time.

Nov 2003 - Richard's Run for the Cure

Oh golly, I'm hot tonight! Marty, Host and our Sponsor Richard Gonzmart, and Bri

Bahamas 2003 - The Love Boat, Triathlete Version

All you need to know about the actual race ...And they were married three months later He's just too smooth! I'm not as fast, but slightly better looking Scott Molina, Marty, Bri, and a future Ironman champ Now you know why the Exxon Valdez did what it did, heh? Check out Mr. Skaggs gold tooth, dog

One Win in 2003 - Ft. Lauderdale, and it was tough

Marty takes a win in Ft Lauderdale

May 2003 - Birthdays, triathlons, and other goodies

Bri and her wonderful twin sisters Marty and 3 ladies Marty and 1 Wonderful Birthday girl Donna, Rob, and Paulie at Gulf Coast John, Paul, and Ringo at Gulf Coast

March 2003 - New Years, Weddings, and Spring Socializing

FSU Sigs, Casey, Bill, Bill, Marty Happy New Year everybody, we're stuck in a smoky bar! Fun but our lungs hurt for weeks All because of the man in the hat, Paul Duckett Marty and Shawn Johnson Marty and Jen, the new Mrs. Johnson! These two rugrats will tie that knot someday soon as well, eh? My favorite lady hanging out in Sarasota These ladies are dangerous, Bri, Gemma, Stephanie, and 'Doctor' Anne P. No comment necessary

December 7 2002 - Engaged and YMCA Runner's Party

The happy couple enters the room... Bri and Gemma Anna and her new Sis Bri, Bubba 'Mad Dog' James, and Katie 'Radical' Radkewich Marty and Dan Traver Paul Duckett is Demonspawn, in a nice way.

World Renowned Lou and April Snelling in St Pete - Stop the Press!

Lou, I will draw some eyes on for you!  Sorry, the batteries died and this was the only one!

Thanksgiving and other pictures, 2002

Aren't we cute? Top 50 at the Clearwater Turkey Trot Like Father, Like Son

Riding the Van Fleet Trail with Joe Domich

Joe can ride all day - then rock all night.

Wildflower Triathlon Festival - May 2002

Marty takes things seriously Marty took 51st overall in the long course race The OCBP Triangle - Lance in AZ, Greg in PA, and Marty in FL Bri, Gordo, and Marty Brianne took 3rd collegiate, 6th overall in the OD race Marty and Bri after the races are done

World Famous Anne Panaggio visits Orlando - News at 11!

Anne and my favorite lady Brad, Brad's friend (sorry), Marty, Bri, and Anne

Santa Rosa Triathlon 2001

Marty and Brianne Marty and B. Fleischmann Al and Wendy Johnson with M and Bri Laurie Hug, Marty, Al Johnson, and Brian Fleischmann having some pre-race carbs.

Coca Cola Finale 2001

2001 Series Runner-Ups Marty, Dad, and Mr. H being a wise guy

Coca Cola Abaco 2001

Brianne chilling on the way to Nippers The view from Nippers on Great Guana Key M and B in front of Nippers

St Anthony's Triathlon 2001

Marty on his way to 2nd overall


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