Snoop Tassie Dog!

hihi everyone!!

Sep 11 2012 - Hey yo evryones whasss up! Rememberin all my dogs from NYC todayz, no joke!! Anyway its been soooo busy this year OMG LOL! Ive got a new brother he is so fun he poops everywhere just like me! We chew on the same toys and sometimes he pulls my tails but its OK hes a baby! I am good to havent run so much this summer it was hot and my Dads foots was all hurt so he couldnt take me as much but we still have fun playing in the yard and chasing squirrels! Just a shout out to all my peeps, ARF ARF BABY!

Nov 12 2011 - Hey Peeps Whasssupp???!?! I BEEN A BUSSY DOODLE DAWG ARF ARF! Todayw as fun we went running in the park and i stopped to smell every thing in site!! It smelled good and then we we got done running and we stretched and i saw the ducks! i love ducks specially when i chase them into the lake!!! Soooo anyway then we came home and played and then i slept a lot and now im running in circles squeaking my squeak ball OMG TYTYL!!

Aug 17 2011 - OMG I CAN'T BELEVE ITS BEEN A YEER SINCE I UPDATED!!! WASSSAAAAPPP PEEPLES? It has been sooooo busy arund here. Mommy and dady r always running arund doing stuff and i get to hang out with daddy mos of the tiem but somtiems he is too busy to play and that SUX!!! AND IM GTTING A LITTLE BROHTER OMG LOL!!! hE will be fun i hope he plays with me 2! L8r hi hi hi!!

Aug 5 2010 - It is sooo hot here in Ralley I cant stand it UGH!! I have only done a couple short runs laeightly because its too hot and i cant run when its too hot because im covered in furr and i dont sweat DUH!! Gosh so i sit inside and play with bunny and squirrel but you know what?!? BORING! I visited carter for like 3 weeks and we got along great but he poops all the time EWWW! I'm on facebook now check it out ha ha!

April 7 - Oh yah! my fans ar wonduring wher I been?! well you know Iím TASSIE and I AM VERy busy! I awmost got a cat the other day!! my dadee lets me get the paeper with him in the mornings but I donít really get the paper I just try and find a sqkurl or bunnie to chase but there was a cat! So I chased it but it juked me and jived me and didnt catch it but boy mommee and daddee were screaming my name! CANT HEAR YOU MOMMY AND DADDEE!!! Hee hee J and theres so much yellow-yucki-pollen everywhur so they donít let me outside as much becuz then I get pollin all over but its okay beczu they got a new VACK-YOOM and mommee LURVES it! I hope the paw-win goes away! Hahah that was like doggie talk Ė paw-win! Or Chinese! Oopsy that is not PC! I said PC! Iím such a coolio hipster! And what else!?? Im doin a race at umpsted in a cupple of weeks wif my daddee or mommey who ever of them can keep up with me! I will be shaved and tapered! Oh yah Ė I know all abowt being tapered I can coach you two! imma better coach than daddee hahaha, just kiddin but my daddy says immma princess! And I will be shaved but IMMMA DOODLE NOT A POODLE!!! Byyyyweeeeee!

Dec 6 - What is up my peeoples yeah yeah yeah! I M FIRDE UPPP!! Today i ran 7 miles with my Marty i so own him ha ha ha! I like Edward the Vampire HE IS HOT me and mommy have a big crush on him go TEAM EDWARD Droooooool!!! ha ha!! Just kidding I dont care about boyz they R STUPID! Anyway my hair is getting really long I look like a sheep ha ha ha!! It is christmas time and I cant wait to see my girls Ashlee and Haylee they are sooo fun and then I get to play with my big black girlfriend Jesssie shes a Great Dane and shes HUGGGGEEEE!! HA AHA HA Big bitch ha ha ha!! uh oh my mommys gonna wash my mouth out with sope now ha ha ha!!! I have been soo buys chasing squirrels and rabbits and we are rnning 3 or 4 times a week rite now because it is cool and i can run more when its cool!! I am cool too HA HA HA HA!!! READ MY BLOG IT IS THE BEST DOGGY BLOG EVER BIZZATTCH!


Aug 17 - I like to sneek my toys into bed wif me!! They keep ME COMPany even tho daddee is righ their I still like havin frendz on my pillo! The other nite I got my bone and momee saw me but I GAVE HER MY sad puppy doggiee eyes and she said ďOK TAZZY IĒLL LET YOU KEEP UR BONE UP HERE!Ē and at 4am! (I CAN TELL TIME!!!!!!) I woke up and wanted to play wif it so started to push it round wif my paw but daddee hopped up and threw me and my bone out of the room!! Hahah, oh well better luck next time!!! :) :)

aUG 15 - GOSH IT WAS A BUSY SPRING AND THEN SUMMER I HAVE BEEN SOOO BUSY I DINT WRTIE ANY UPDATES FOR YOU?!?! LOLOLLOL but yeah everything is sooo good i am having lots of fn still chasing rabbits and skwerels and birds, i almost caught some gooses ysterday or was it the day before i'm not sure but daddy lets me chase them and that is sooo fun i want to grab them and hold them and rip them to shreds with my big tassie teeth ha ha ha!!! im just kidding i would just eat them reel quick to be nice. Sooooo anyway i herd my friend ciders mommy got engeged yesterday and that is soo awesome but now i wont see my friend cider as much cuz shes part of a family i hope she still comes over still!!! I LOVE CIDER AND PLAYING WITH CIDER ROCKS!!! LATER PEEPS SEE YOU AT THE PARK!!!

Jan 25 - Oh my gosh i cant beleeve i havent updated in sooo long!!! I been having lots of fun with my bri an my marty an we get soooo busy i am a doodle! Today I ran 8 miles not like slim shady but like a for real 8 miles on trails it was soooo fun and i did great i ran with my new friend sherman or sheldon he has a funny name but he is nice a little scaredy kat but ha ha we ran soo far it was fun fun fun!! I got a bath after and then i played in the snow all day last week it was great there was soo much snow i love snow i want to eat it and roll around in it sort of like poo but not as smelly ha haha!! Anyway everything is great heer and i love chasing squirrels!

September 16 - Hi hi sorry it has been awhile since i wrote but ive been soooo busy this summer!! It is so fun mommy finilly got my hair cut it was getting soo hot with all my furr but you can see the pics on mommies blog thing!! Anyways everything is good Cider is here and we been playing n playing n playing! I went to the beach and also wnet to a parka nd i run with daddy every couple days for a bit it is awesome!! Yay for me!

July 10 Oh my gosh its been so long since i updated i been so busy playing and running and having summer fun!! Yesterday daddy tok me for brekfast and he put my leahs on the chair and I was like ok smart guy this is fine with me!! And then he gave me watr and petted me and said good girl tassie your suchs a good girl and i said yes i am yes i am!!! And then he got up to put his food away and then i saw him come bak outside and so i said hi daddy and started walking towards him and then there ws a scary noise and so i jumped and there was more noise!!!! And it was closer to me so i ran i ran i ran i ran!!! I ran lickty split and i heard but didt hear daddy screaming tassie tassie oh my god tassiee!! but the noise was so loud and i couldnt get away i was soooo scared!!! But then daddy got me nd the noise stopped an he said its okay honey its okey and then it was all okay and now im back to making farts on the stairs!! Ha ha im tassie!!

Apr 19 - Oh BOOYYYYY!!! Today i did a race with daddy!! We went to the Umstedd Park for a run!! But it was a race with other people and doggies everywhere! There were like 5 golden trievers which are half-cousins to me but with longer hair! Im cuter but theyre nice!! So we walked around and said hi hi hi to everyone then we lined up and then they yelled go and then we went runing and we went fast!! Daddy said we went a 6:37 first mile but i dont know what that means or anything but i know it was fast!!!! I never get to run that fast with daddy and then we kept running!! We hit a hill and i had to slow down i guess daddy says i need to werk on my pasting or something what does he know?!? But then we turned around and we ran down the hill and i like taht a lot better! I started to slwo down again near the end but then i saw 2 people justahead of us so we sprinted and sprinted so fast it was soooo fun!!! Then we passed them then we ran into a shute and people said what a good dooggy what a fast doggy and i won the doggy race!! Dadde was so rpoud of me and said good girl good girl you did so good and now im sleepy whoo and my paws are tired!

Apr 16 - HHEEEYYYYY!!! Where have I been? Mommee and daddy need to buy me my own puter so I can update more! I have so much tell you but not enuff time becuz I am so busy having fun with my bestest friend Cider! Did you know that she stayed with us for a hole week?! And now momee and daddee are gone again so i'm staying with her and her nice momee! And cider gets on the couch! Daddee yelled at her and she was all like, I don't know why that man is yelling at me? but IM NOT ALLOUD ON THE COUCH! AND i don't sleep in my crate anymore, just a pillo where my crate used to be. and i have anuther pillow up in daddees office so keep him company durin the day! and awhile ago i got see haylee and ashlee and my other bestest friend jessee! she still likes to eat my head but i dont mind at all! i'm getting really fluffy again! and i still wiggle all over please come visit me! i like you!

Mar 21 - Boy ho boy! Daddy opened a Ginness a couple days ago and I AM IN LOVE!!! With daddy of corse but also with GINESS IT IS SOOOO YUMMMY It is my favorite and i have tried a lot of beers!! HEy did you rede about my friend Max he lives nerby somewhere and has a blog too!! Gosh i would read more but Max has too much on sale on his site, POOOOO!!!!

Mar 13 - Boy last night was a doozie! Mommy and daddy played with me and then put me to bed in my crate like usual and everything was fine! But then during the night I had to poo real bad! Mommy and daddy don't lock me in they just close the door and i know i can get out so I got out and i ran upstairs to tell daddy I had to poo to let me go outside! But daddy didn't even get up, but Mommy did! But mommy said go back to bed Tassie so I did and then she locked it! I had to go real bad so I did, I tried to tell them! So now they know just how smart a doggy I am, bet they let me go outside if I ask them again! Ha ha too bad my Sponge Bob Square Pants blankie is ruined! :( Its okay though im still training them so no worries!

Mar 9 - Cider came ovre today! We had soo much fun! We ran around in the back yard and played chase and squirrel and smear the poodle!! Ha ha I always chew up Cider she is bigger but I am quicker so I rock! I had a grate week with mommy and dadde! We went for a play in the park and I got to chase the geeses with no leash! I ran right into the water and was going to eat them but they honked at me and I got scared but Im not scared anymore the next geese that honks at me is getting his goose cooked ha ha ha!! I like cookies!

Mar 1 - Hi every buddy! I had lots of aventures last week! below is a email i sent to momee and daddy when i was staying at carl and lee's! they haave spell check so thats why i spelled better there! so sometime i can't rememmber when I went into the car with daddee and we drove for like ever!! and i was so good no pukey or anything! daddy would pet me and i would hold his hand to make sure he was ok this whole time without mommy. so after like we were in that car for so long i ended up at gramma's house! and i ran around like crazy you would to if you had been curled up in a car for 11 hours!! she has a dog too named amy but I don't think amy liked me because i would try and play with her and she would growl and give me the stink eye, haha! but its okay because gramma let me lay on amy's pillow. haha amy! :) ok so then the next day we went on another adventure to carl n lee's! they live on a ranch and they a dunkey and big horse and lots of dogs and we all were great friends and had so much fun together - see below email, heehee :) i stayed with them for awhile and then mom and daddee picked me up and then i kind of forget but then dad and i went back in the car forever and at last we got home! and momee was already there! i don't know how she did it because one day she was with us and then she's at home! she's like magic!

Feb 21 - Hi Mommy :) !!!! Hi Daddy :) !!!!

I miss you both very much but I am doing super great! This place is big and fun, and I have two new boyfriends! Parker is the cute athletic guy, he looks like an Abercrombie & Fitch model (but he's straight). Caesar is much older, but he's got this Sean Connery sort of vibe going on, and he lokes younger girls just like ME! I know what you are thinking, but don't worry, we are chaperoned so we won't go too far. I also have a new girlfriend! Her name is Sela, and she is big and black and likes to par-tee just like me. There are also two really strange, huge dogs here that make weird sounds, and eat dried out yellow grass all day. I'm not allowed to play with them, but we kiss through the fence and it is funny and kinda scary and I like the way they smell ALOT. There is a funny orange fish that swims in a pond, and I saw him use a PowerStroke to go hide when I tried to drink his pond water. Sela, Parker, and Caesar love the crazy way I play and run and jump about with them, and then we get to all lay around and chill out together afterwards. They all sneak kisses from me when we drink from the water bowl together. It is really fun when strange people walk by our fence, we all run up there together, and then we get to bark and jump and try to make as much commotion as we can! It's great fun, and would you believe our chaperones actually encourage ALL of this! I have made sure to act very ladylike indoors, but I am allowed to be as tomboyish as I like when I get outside! I have also been sleeping great, and everyone here seems to be on the exact same eat/play/nap/play/nap/play/play/play/eat/play/chill/play/sleep schedule that all I am on. This couldn't be a better fit, and I already know I will miss my new friends here. I gotta run now, I am pulling out all of the stops and working all of my cuteness tricks to try and get myself invited back for future visits. xoxoxoxoxo

Feb 1 - Hey youz guys! long time no write huh??!? Yeah i been busy keeping up with mommy and daddy and making sure they cleans the house and do my dishes nd get me groomed and doctored and all that stuff! Boy lots has been going on lately! I went to another boarding camp with Cider when my marty and bri went up skiing! wouldnt you no it I got sick again, wat the heck is up with that ha ha aha!! Yeah I had some pukes and bloody stool, yeck!!! But they took me to the doc and got some pills for a million billion dollars and now Im all better again! Yay! Then Cider came over and we played and played! Then i got a haircut cuz I was so messy i had birdies growing eggs in my fur hahahah! Now Im all cute and skinny again, feed me more Daddy!! Daddy just took me for a run he is so fun when he runs but all day long he walks up and down the stairz moaning and groaning, what a whiner he can be! Shut your trap daddee and throw me the ball!

Jan 11 - Hey peeps! How you goin? I see you guys checkin my website hahaha! Somebody that dadee and mommee know sent this ee-nor-mus bone to chew on and it has like all this yummie stuff all over it and I love it! Its so good and fun but it makes my paws messy but I dont care only momee does! Next weekend they are leaving me and goin skiing! I wanna go but I cant ski (yet!) does anyone want to watch me? I don wanna go back to camp canine!

Dec 28 - Hi hi hi! I been busy so didnt have time to write you an update! I went bak to Vergenyah this week! It was for my sehkond Krissmas with Jessie and Hay Lee and ash lee!! I put ash lee in all small letter cuze shes tiny!! Ha ha shes onle a lltel oldr then me! And so anwyay I had a lot of fun running with Jessie and that other growly dog who is nice but acts so mean sometimes! Its cuz shes not cute and fluffy like me Super Tassie! i dindt get sick in the car ride neither and didnt poop n the house or barf on anyones shoes tho I gave mommy and daddy a scare one nite when i swallowed a stick or something else dumb that I like to chew on you know how little cute puppies like me get and anyway i was like BURRRP BURRP UUUGHH UUUGHH in the middle of the nite and so daddy was all sleeepwaking and mommy was yelling get a towel and get a towle over there over there and daddy didnt know wher the heck the stoopid friggin towel was ha ha ha ha ha!!!! It was soooo funhy I was just faking anyway!!

Dec 16 - We went to Vir-gin-yah this weekend! I saw all my family like ashlee and hay-lee and jess-ee! I had lotso fun and i dont even get car sick anymore because car sik is for sissies! HAHA! but mommee still gives some pill before our trips so I don't no whats up with that! and on our way home we went running in that big park daddii took me too last week! except i was like soooooooo excited becuz i just had like a 3 hr nap so I was ready to go! and daddee kept on telling me to calm down tassie! you are going to kill me! well i didn't kill him but I did make him trip and he flipped over top of me and did a somersault on the ground!! in front of these people and a nuther doggie!! I said hahahaha dadee! you fell funny! but he was not happee with me at all and he sadi I CANT HANDLE HER RITE NOW BRI YOU TAKE HER!!!11 but lucky for mom i was already tired so then i ran pretty good! and now i'm home and i'm sleeping!

Dec 11 - Hi! I took daddy for a run today! It was far! As far as I've gone! I went forty minets! I only had to walk a couple times but thats cuz I saw a squirrel and a doodee! I am in traning for a marathon! Ha ha! No way thats crazy! I just want to chase bird s and squirrels all day so Im working on my endurance system! Ha ha!! Im an endurancedoodle!

Dec 6 - Hi! Momee and daddy won't let me go to camp canine afer what happend last time I went, so I got to stay with my bestest friend Cider and her nice momme kristie! we had a great time and do you know what?! cider gets to sleep IN BED with her mommee! but i had soooo much fun with them and we played and played and i tried to take a shower with Kristie! and I wiggled a lot and was so happee to be with them but still i was really happy to see my dad and mom when they got back from floriduh! You should see my fur now! it is so long that soon if they dont take me somewhere to get a trim I'm going to have dreadlocks! haha! doodle dreadlocks!!

Nov 11 - Waz up peeps! My bestest friend Cider came over all weekend and we played and played and played and I was like momee and daddee who? Haha! It was so fun we played in the backyard everyday and we got so dirty we were dirty doodles! Mommee said it looked like I had brown hi-lites in my fur! So she gave me a bath and after awhile I got tired of her washin me so I jumped out and shook all over the bathroom! Haha! Haha grampa that is your bathroom soon! I made it all messy!

Nov 6 - Hi! I just got back from Virginya with my mommy! It was fun even tho Jesse the great dane tries to eat my whole head! and me and mommee were chased by another great dane down the street there are a lot of them in virginya!! but mommy tol him to STOP and he stopped so he didnt eat me! and they let me off the leash in the front yard now cuz i am so good and wont run away or nothing! I luv ashlee and haylee and ashlee kept that big scary yoga ball in her room for me becuz it scares me! but everything scares me so its okay! i missed daddee but he's here now! i hope you visit me soon!!

Oct 26 - Sory I havent updated in a wile, ibeen busy!! My friend Cider came over and we played and played in the mud and rain!! Ha ha it was soooo fun I was soooo dirty daddy had to carry me up the stairs for my bath ha ha! he sad I was a dirty dirty doggy!! Its been raning for three days here and its sooo fun to play in the rain!! i want to play in the ran more than I do when its not in the rain! I am back to running and jumping and walking and chasing squirels and birds i almost caught one today! Well thats alls that going on with me hope you r good to!! Maybe youll get a treat!!!

Oct 18 - Gosh I'm feeling beter!! I chood out astich a couple days ago it itched too much! I miss my Marty he isnt here to play and wlak and run and pet me!! I have to where a stupid hat when my Mommy and Dady arent here it sux big dog doodoo!! I love Mommy she is taking me for lots of walks!

Oct 12 - Gosh, I usually have soooo much fun at Camp Canine in Cary, North Carolina!! I get to play and run and play and jump and play with other doggies! But on Wednesday, Oct 10, I got bit by another dog! I don't like him, he smells like poo! Ha ha ha!!!He bit me good, too! It went all the way through the skin and into the muscle tissue on my side!! You didn't think I can spell a word like muscle tissue, but geez I'm smart when I'm angry ha haa!!! Anyway I didn't get the sort of care I needed at Camp Canine in Cary, NC!!! They didn't take me to the vet immediately like they should of!! In fact they managed not to notice for a whole day!! Then the nice lady at Camp Canine didnt tell Daddy how bad my puncture wound injury was that I got at Camp Canine in Cary, NC!!! So when my mommy and daddy came home and saw how bad I was hurt they nearly cried!! I had to go to the doctor and get major surgery, I've got like a million billion stitches in right now!! I think Dadddy is really pissed, I've never seen him so angry!!! I just want to jump and run and wiggle but can't do that for a few days!! I'll put up some before and after pictures tomorrow when I'm feeling better!! Everything's OK but boy oh boy don't ever leave your cute puppy at Camp Canine in Cary, NC!!!! He might get bit, or worse!!

Oct 7 - Waz up peeps?! i hurt myself lass week! i didnít no I did just momme and dadee said I did! i wuz runnin with my tshirt out in my kingdom that i am princess over (AKA MY BACKYARD! HAHA!) and i ran into a post! Woopsies! Toar a big ol chunk ov fur off! But I didnít cry cry-ing is four sissies and im no sissie Iím a super doodle! Today daddee took me to someplace he kep callin the vet and these nice peeple kept chekin me out (I no Iím cute awready! I no!!) so when we left daddee had like this long talk wit me on the way home bout how I need a get a job! Haha! Guess what?! My Ozzie frends are coming to meet me tonite! They are from the land down under! I donít know what that means but momme tells me I am named afater Tasmania! An that is down uner too! Im princess Tasmania! Im TASSIE!!! HAHAH!

Sep 30 - Oh gosh I had sooomuch fun at the triathalon!! Mommy and Daddy woke me up so erlee and I was like, duh!! Why are we getting up so erlee! But then we went in the car and I slept and i felt great! At the triathalan a nice lady watched me and my Bri and Marty went running and swimming and running!! I saw lots of people and other doggies and I even saw another doddle! She was sooo big I was like doddle you are a big fatty ha ha ha!! But she wasnt a fatty she was just huge shes just big boned ha ha ha!! And then we walked around and I saw lots of people and they said cute puppy you are so cute and fluffy and i was like i know im a cute puppy love me ha ha ha!! Then we went in the car and i was soooo tired and i slept the hole way home and then we took another nap at home! And then i was like i wanna play so i said get up get up its time to play! so then we played and then mommyndaddy went out and i slept some more then they came home and we played some more! then we all slept sooooo long last night i was soooo tired i didnt bark once! Im Tassie Puppy IM a SUPERDOODLE!!!!

Sep 21 - Gosh it ws such a besy week! I played with everyone who played with me all week! I saw new people and said hi hi hi and then Gramma stayed with us and I said hi hi hi play with me!! My Marty took me for walks and runs and said boy tassie you've got so much energy and i said ha ha ha I know im a superdoodle not a poodle! Anyway I get to go hang out at Camp Canine agan this weekend its like Mirecal spa for mommmy but its for me instead!

Sep 14 - Ohboy oh boy! My cuzzins Ashlee and Hey Lee are coming to play with me!! There so fun I like to run around and chase them and go hee hee hee Im gonna catch you ha ha! They are the best they give me treats!! I saw a bunny rabbit when I was runing with daddy and I went crazy trying to catch it!! I love rabbits they are yummy yum!! Daddee said I went apes hit but I dunno what that means ha ha!!

Sep 9 - Hihi! Sorrry I havent updated in solong, but Ive been soo bizzy!! I went to camp canine last weekend and my bestest friend cider was their and we slept in the same room together and we had so much fun!! And then this wuz funny! One morning one of the nice peeple who look after us came and says, ok tassie! your daddee is here to pick you up! so i started to wiggle and was so happy becuz i love my daddee but the silly human took cider!! hey! your posed to take me to daddee! but then a few minutes later cider came back and said tassie I saw your daddee, he is out front for you! so then finally the silly human got me and took me out! haha! and daddee was so happy to see me and me too but momee wasnt there but she came home later! and guess what?! I'm a good girl so they let me have the whole house to myself when they leave me and im so good and then they pet me and play with me! and I think soon my cousins hay-lee and ash-lee are coming to see me! I can't wait!!!

Aug 26 - OH MY GOSH!!! I went to a triathalan with mommy and daddy and it was so much fun I saw lots of peoples and kids and they all loved me and petted me and said your sucha good girl whats her name shes so cute!! I am cute Im Tassie I know ha ha ha!! We stayed in a room that smelled funny and i was a little scared but not really scared I just wanted to stay close to my Mommy and Daddy!! So i slept on the floor next to there bed and that was good cuz I new daddy was right there to pet me the whole time!! And then I heard peopl at night talking and I said woof woof shut the heck up Mommy and Daddy are sleeping cant you see!!!! And then I stood up and gaurded them because Im a good dog IM AN ATTACK POODLE WATCH OUT!!! SO daddy pet me and said good girl Tassie youre such a good girl!! AND then i was OK so I stood gard a litle more then said OK back to bed sleepy time ha HA!!! Then we got up so early and got back in the car and we went to the place wheer the triathalna was and I said hey take me out with you to the race!! And then Mommy and Daddy left me in the car but they left the windos open and the areconditioning on so I was ok so I took a nap! Then daddy came and got me and we ran to a place and we saw Mommy running and she smiled and i sade HI HI MOMMY Hi!!!! And then she petted me and we walked around and soooo many people said shes sot cute and they gave me treats and petted me and then I was soo tired I slept the whole way home but now IM home and were back!!

Aug 24 - Oh Boy! Daddy says were going on a trip! Were going to sompleace called Cherlott! Or near Cherlott! Daddes not sure where the race is he says! Im going to stay in a hotel room with Mommy and daddy! Im going to keep them up all nigt ha ha ha!! Im a cute fuzzy puppy and they will play with me play with me play with me!! Ha ha look at me wiggle Im so cute!

Aug 19 - So where's Daddy!?? I run upstairs and then look for him but hes not there! And hes not in bed or in the other room and then I run downstairs and I dont see him! Mommy is fun I like mommy lots and lots but wheres daddy to!?!? Mommy says hi honey bunny hes in floriduh and is coming home soon but whens soon?!? i LIKE DADDY SOON IS NOT SOON ENUFF!! HA HA I HIT THE CAPS LOK KEY NOW IM YELLING AT YOU CUZ IM A MAD ATTACK POODLE HA HA!!!

Aug 12 - Hey hey! I went swimming yesterday! My best friend Cider and me set the whole thing up and we had other dogs there with us - like my cuzzin carter who is such a good swimmer! He wasn't scurred at all! He just ran an jumped in and swam the hole time!! Well, me and Cider, we weren't really sure what was going on so we ran around and wrestled and played, and then my auntie Shana picked me and dropped me into the water!! They did it to Cider, too! I was like...uh? what do I do? So I tried to climb back up the dock but it didn't work so I doggie paddled to the edge of the pond! It was fun! I saw a tennis ball so I picked it up on my swim in! And then by the end I was an ol pro swimmer, like the Thorpedo! Ha ha! He's an Aussie like me!! And I didn't need no stinkin' life jacket! My mommee is so funny! But she did help me put up pictures of myself so go check em out!

Aug 9 - I took Daddy for a run today! It was hot! I ran early though so it wasnt to hot!! I got a nice harecut so its not to hot!! But chasing squirels isnt so fun right now, I just wanna lay on the cool tile! Sheesh talk about dog days of summer ha ha!! Im a smart puppy dont try an pull the wull over my eyes!!

Aug 7 - Oh boy! I just got another summer haircut! And now mommy and daddee are feeding me extra because they think I'm too skinny! I was just fluffy! And they put bows in my ears which mommee loves but they fell out before she got home but no worries! because daddy took a picture so when I get some time maybe I'll put it up! YOu know because my days are pretty busy! I wake up and then I wiggle and say good morning to everyone and then I run around outside and play with my tshirt and I keep daddee company all day in the office and then I have to nap, you know! Oh yeah, I got to go for a run tonight! I love running!

Jul 30 - Ohmygosh I just did the kewlest thing ever! My Marty was running errands so of course I went with him to make sure he was OK!! We went to the bank and then to the gas station and I was like oh boy look at all the kewl stuff! Daddy lets me put my head out the window and I go wheee! So then when we were pulling back into our kewl-de-sac (ha ha!) Daddy was driving slow and I saw a squirrel! So you know what I did?!? Yep thats right I jumped right out the window!! Daddy screamed like a littl girl ha ha!! But I was totally ok I landed on my feet cuz Im Super Tassie!! My Marty stopped and said oh my god Tassie you nearly gave me a hard attack! haha Daddy just playing! Daddy gave me a full fisikul and everthings ok just daddys hart!! No more low windows for me! Ha ha wheeee!

Jul 29 - Have I told you bout my tshirt?! I cant remember if I did or maybe i didn't so I just tell ya again! This tshirt is so fun! I love it!

Jul 26 - I chased this tshirt that i love to play with in the backyard!! I have toys and squirrels and sticks but this tshirt is my favoritye ever!! I run with it and daddy chases me yelling hoo hoo hoo and i go bananas and chase the tshirt it is the best game ever like if youve never played chase the tshirt your a total loser!! ha ha just kidding no im not Im Tassie i rock puppy world!!

Jul 26 - Guess what I love running around with?! T-shirts mommee and daddee use to clean their bikes with! Did you know I used to be scared of the bikes? But I'm not anymore because I'm one years old and I'm not a scaredy puppy! (well, sometimes I still am but still!!!) Oh yeah, so they use these old t-shirts to clean their bikes and I steal the shirt and run around with it in the backyard! Its so fun!!! I run and jump and hop and then I throw the t-shirt up in the air and then I got get it and I run in circles! I'm obsessed!

Jul 22 - Tomorrows my birthday! Im gonna be 1 year old! Thats like 12 in Puppy years! Now Im ready to have temper tantrums and act all sulky and moody cuz Im kewal and peeples dont understand me!! Ha ha just kidding im the best ajusted doggy in town! Im happy Im Tassie Im ONE YEAR OLD And I want a squirrel tree and six cheeseburrgers haha !!

July 16 - So get this! I totally have daddy wrapped around my furry little paw! And I figured this out all by myself and it wurked!! Daddy was in the kitchen and I really really wanted to go outside for a walk so I went and sat like a good girl by the door where my leash is. I always have to sit before I can get my leash on so I thought, hmmmm, maybe if I sit BEFORE he puts the leash on, daddee will take me! So I sat pretty and stared at my leash, then I took a quick look at daddy, then I looked back at my leash. Then I looked over at daddy again and he was smiling and saying, "Oh Tassie, you are so cute!" and I looked back at my leash and I was still sitting like a good girl and then he comes over and puts the leash on me and we go for a walk!!! Slam dunk! I'm so smart and clever! All hail the princess, hee hee hee!!!

Jul 9 - OH MY GOSH! This past weekend! Ok ok, I don't know where to start! So first Auntie Heather and Hey-lee and Ash-lee came over! They are really fun and I like to play with them! Then Grandpa came and we just partied all weekend! But then I got really scared yesterday becuz mommee and grandpa put my crate away in a closet and they were making all these noises and I didn't know if they were getting rid of me or something?! So I went and hid in daddie's office! But after a little while all these people came over! And they petted me and played with me and I loved them all! And all these little people were here and they would eat food down at my level so I got to eat lots of food mommee and dadee never give me! I ran and ran and jumped and ran and oh yeah! My buddy Symba came over too! I was so excited!!!!! I had so much fun and I hope they all come over again! Whoooe I'm so tired!!!

Jul 4 - Happy Interpendants day!! I like fireworks! Other doggies are skared of firewerks but I like them! I live near a train and its loud yeah it is! Im used to that so bang bang bang!! ha ha doesnt bother me! Mommy n daddy left me keeped up all day today I didnt like it! Tehy did some stupid bike ride and I was like, helloooo, what about me your princess?!?! But then they came home and I was happy! Then they were gone again for like ever and now there back again! The kitchin is boring boring boring! I like squirrels and watching the squirrel tree! But there home now and Im happy!

Jun 27 - Hellllllooo Peeps! Daddy says I'm a princess! I race him down the stairs everyday! So yesterday Cider came over and we played all morning then I took a nap up in the office while Daddy worked, then I took a shower with mommy before I went to bed! So fun! But today I was kind of by myself all day so then I drove daddy crazy when he came home! He wouldn't play with me so I went downstairs and threw my a bone around on the floor because it made loud noises and it was funny! So then daddy took me outside and we played ball. Guess what?! I'm 11 months old!! My birthday is coming up!

Jun 21 - I go to visit daddy in the office all the time now! I used to not want to go up there because I dunno I just didnt want to! But now I go and we hang out and I nap and he says Tassie good girl Tassie good girl and then we run down the stairs and he gets me water and we go outside and then we go back upstairs and then I nap and he says good girl Tassie good girl! I like days with daddy!

Jun 18 - Mommy's home! Daddys home!! I missed them! Theyre back to play with me!! I played with Carter and Auntie Shana all weekend!! Where did they go?!? Its funny I can type but I cant read there pages!! Ha ha! Im a doggie whaddaya want?! Daddy throw the ball!

Jun 12 - Ha ha! I changed my title! I'm a attack poodle! Grrrr! Ha ha! I caught another bird! I brought it to Mommy cuz I love her! She didn't want it! Ha ha! I like birds! I specially like baby birds that can't fly! Yummm!!

Jun 6 - Hi! I played in the dirt! There's a fish tank in the house! I like the fish - I want to swim but I can't get in there! So I just run in the shower before my mom can close the door! I like to run and I still pull because daddy is too slow! Whew, I am so tired today after playing with Cider all afternoon that I already put myself to bed! I haven't taken any pillows since that time I got in BIG trouble - I'm a good doggie!

May 30 - I got an early birthday card from my fellow Aussie puppy Sammy!!!

May 29 - Oh gosh! Mommy and Daddy got me a haircut! I look so silly! They left my ears and my tail all furry! Grrr, I'm a vicious poodle! Ha ha ha! I'm not a poodle Im a Doodle!! I got a bandana but Mommy wanted bows! Daddy said no way so I got a bandana cuz Bandanas r kewl! Im a teenager in dog year you know!! Its time for me to rebel!! Grrrrr, I'm rebeling!! Doo doo!! ha ha!

May 15 - Oh boy oh boy! I'm nauty! When Mom and Dad went to swim they let me roam around the house! I saw a pillow! It looked like a squirrel! I caught it! I ate it! Yummmm!! Dad wasn't happy though! :( He put me outside then kept me in the kichen! The kichen is boring! I like outside! But now they like me again! I like to fetch! I never bring the ball back but today I did! I know how I'm just a brat ha ha! So I brought the ball right back to my Marty fihv times in a row! Then I peed! I'm Tassie!

May 14 - Thanks to my auntie shana for letting my mom and dad use her extra camera!

May 11 - Hi everybody! I am getting really fluffy again - but I don't have an updated picture because my cheap parents won't go out and buy a camera! They've been taking me jogging around the lake which is so fun! Sometimes I get distracted by all the ducks and I'll chase them or I'll just stop all of the sudden and then whoever has my leash will trip - its so funny! So there is this really cool little pond in my backyard but dad always tries to cover it from me so I can't get into it, well my best friend came over and she helped me move that thing out of the way and we got to play in the water! Oh my gosh it was great and we were both so muddy! We had so much fun that after I took a shower with mom I went right to bed! Come visit me! I love everybody and I will wiggle just for you!

May 7 - My Aunt Shana and Cousin Carter came over and played with me all weekend! I jump and jump and jump and Carter just stares at me like I'm crazy! I want to play! And chase birds! And chew sticks! I am fuzzy and cute!

Apr 27 _ Oh my gosh! I am so excited! You'll never guess what I did!! I caught one - I caught a bird! Okay, so whenever I go outside if I see like a bird or squirrel or something I sprint out and try to get it. But I've never been even close! Well, yesterday, there was this red bird that was on the ground and I sprinted and jumped and pawed and I got it! I wanted to play with it! But after awhile of trying to play with it, it just stopped playing with me! So I picked it up and brought it closer to mom! She wasn't happy! But I was - look at what I did mom! Look!

Apr 22 - I met all the neighboars! They liked me! I see them out the window and I stare and staer and staer and I finally met them! They were nice! They gave me a belly rub oh boy! I got a new leash! I can't pull so hard now! The ducks are still there but I cant chase them! Oh well! I like ducks! I went on a car ride yesterday! I didn't have problems! I put my face out the window and just go wheeeee! Wheeeeeee!! I hope Daddy takes me running tomorrow! Yeesh I'm tired of tiping!

Apr 16 - Oh Boy! My Marty took me for a run this morning! I pulled and pulled! Wheee!! But then he kept running! And running! We ran all around the lake! And then some more! Must have been a mile! Oh boy! I am so tired! I slept all day! Yawn!!!

Apr 14 - I chase birds! I eat sticks! I like to dig! Digging is fun!!

Apr 10 - Oh boy oh boy! My Marty was cutting the grass out front so I barked and barked! I barked and barked and barked and barked and barked! I go crazy when he's out front! So he put me in the backyard! I forgot about him and chased squirrels! There are squirrels and birds everywhere! I'm not afraid of the deck furniture anymore! I like to chase my tial!

Apr 1 - Hi everyone! Mom and dad left me again! This time they took me to a place called Camp Canine while they went off on there merry way without me. At first, I was a little nervous but then there were all these other dogs there and I played and played! And then I saw Cider - Hi Cider!! And then I saw Cider again! I don't really understand but there were lots of Cider's so I just played with them the whole time! Mom finally came and picked me up today and my report card was good. They told her I was very nice and very good. I coulda told her that!! So now I'm sooooo tired. I just wanna sleep!

Mar 20 - Hi! I chew sticks! I met my grandpa this past weekend and he wanted to take me back home to Flor-i-duh! Everyone likes me! I'm so cute and nice! But wanna know what happened yesterday?! Dad was upstairs working and I was looking out the window. I love looking out the window! So I got real distracted and all of the sudden I peed! Oh shoot! I know I'm not supposed to do that! So when dad came down stairs I ran and hid! Sorry, sorry, sorry! Its okay though, I'm so cute mom and dad can't stay mad at me very long! Bye-bye!

Mar 16 - Oh gosh! I forgot to update for a while! I had a lot of fun with Auntie Heather and the girls for the past two weeks! I don't steal binkies anymore! I'm a big girl! I had so much fun that I barely remember my Marty! He stills smells funny! I can't wait to find some socks! I'm back home now! My hair is curly again! There's a new umbrella on the deck! It scared me! Wow! I like being home! I only pooped on myself twice at Auntie Heather's house!

Feb 28 - Hi everyone! My name is Tassie! (That's Tazzie to all you Yanks!) I get to go see my cousins next week while my parents are in Flor-i-duh! Last time Auntie Heather potty trained me, I wonder what she'll teach me this time? Not too jump? Not to steal dirty socks? Not to fart the whole time I go down the stairs? How to read? I can't wait to see everyone again!!

Feb 25 - Hi hi hi! My butt is going back to normal! I can run and chase things all over! I like to pull on the leash! What's your name?!? Did you know I get more visitors than Marty does?!? Isn't that funny! He smells like sweaty socks! I love socks!

Feb 22 - Hi! I'm feeling so much better! Every morning and evening after I eat, mom and dad give me pills, but I don't care because they give me more food and I love it! Also, mom tries to spray this stuff on my bum but I don't like that so much so we end up running around in circles together. Its so fun! She always gets me and I look over at her and try to give her a bad look but she just laughs and then I start wiggling! They think I'm putting on weight but really my hair is just starting to grow back! Yay, I'm a fluffy puppy again!

Feb 19 - Oh gosh! Over the weekend I didn't feel so good! My butt started itching and itching so I kept dragging it on the ground! My stitches from getting spayed aren't bothering me anymore but now I have vaj-eh-night-ass! Every time I go to the doctor I get more medicine! Mommy and Daddy are keeping me locked in my crate since I keep scratching my you-know-what on the ground! I hope I'm better soon! So does my Dad! He said I should get a haircut and get a real job! What does that mean?!?

Feb 17 - Oh my gosh! I don't know what's going on! Yesterday morning mom wouldn't feed me and I was hungy and I kept looking at her and then at my bowl - I was like, "Hello mom! Where's my food?!" And then dad and mom took me to this place and I met this nice lady and I said, "hi hi hi! I'm Tassie!" But then mom and dad walked out without me! Where are they going? Oh no! I want to go with them! Then the next thing I know dad is there and something is wrong with me, I'm so tired and my belly hurts or something. I'm so confused! I slept in my crate all day and night and mom and dad tried to get me to eat but I didn't want anything, I just wanted to sleep! So this morning I ate a little bit and I'm feeling better but I notice there is something funny on my belly so I try to check it out but mom keeps yelling at me! And then she puts a lampshade on my head! What is this? A party or something? I don't think so! I hope I feel better soon!!

Feb 13 - I'm getting used to my new haircut. Here I am fluffy, and here I am not so fluffy.

Feb 7 - Mom and Dad took me to this place so I could get a bath and get my hair cut. Now I look ridiculous!!!

Jan 31 - Hi! I'm such a nice puppy! I haven't had any accidents since Auntie Heather's house! She potty trained me! This past weekend Auntie Shana stayed with me while my mom and dad were gone skiing. She brought my boy cousin Carter who is a bit older than me - and I pounced on him whenever he tried to lay down - play with me! I'm a puppy! Dad also lets me roam the whole house now when he's here working! And I've been really good! Come visit me - I love people!

Jan 26 - Happy Australia Day! You know that is my heritage, cuz I'm Tassie from Tasmania! That's a state from the land down under! Did you know that I even speak with an Aussie accent?! Ha! G'day, mate! Right-o! How ya going?! I'm going good! Let's play!

Jan 25 - It's nice here! My friend Cider came over to play again! We ran and ran and ran! I was so tired! I'm sleeping downstairs by myself now! I'm getting better at walks! But I don't do so good in puppy class! I want to play! Sit! Stay! Paw! Do my taxes! I'm just a puppy!

Jan 18 - Oh, golly! There's white powdery stuff all over the ground outside! It's soft and wet! I can eat it and jump on it! It's yummy! It makes me cold on my nose but it's fun to chase! I chase things! Is that a bird?!? Wheeee!

Jan 16 - I'm back with mommy and daddy! I missed them! They are nice! They smell good! I pooed and peed all over Auntie Heather's and Uncle Shawn's house! I'm a bad dog! But I'm just a puppy! I stole so many binkys!! They moved my crate downstairs because they think I'm growing up and don't need to be in their bedroom anymore but I miss waking them up every hour all night with my strange noises and what not! How many puppies do you know that say what not?!? Woofiedy Woof!!

Jan 11 part 2 - I'm a bad girl! I snuck out of my crate and pooed all over! Auntie Heather doesn't like me! Even Baby Ash-lee called me a bad girl! I have low impulse control! Oh boy! Is that a binkie?!

Jan 11 - Hi! Sorry I haven't updated in a bit but I have been soooo busy! I'm at my Auntie Heather's while mom and dad are in Flor-i-duh and I'm busy, busy, busy! To date I've stolen and chewed about 8 binkies, played with Jessie the Great Dane for 300 hours and had just a couple of accidents. Oops! Sometimes I forget but sometimes I just see if I can get away with it! I can't get away with it with Auntie Heather - she straightens me right up! It is so fun up here with my friends I almost don't want to leave! But I do miss mom and dad (I think!). Yesterday I played in the backyard and showed everyone how I do rolls in the mud - I look like a chocolate-doodle now!

Jan 9 - I'm in Verginyah! It's fun! Jessie is cool! I ate 6 binkies so far! I hope I find more! Ashleigh got sick and I ate her puke! She's my friend! Oooooh, mud!!

Jan 2 - Oooh, my tummy hurts! I have some bad di-ah-rea. I know my dad was pretty sore at me for pooing on the carpet - I know I'm not supposed to go there but, mmmmmmm the fluffy and new! Anyways, I keep having accidents in the kitchen right by the door and I musta looked pretty pathetic because mom took me to the vet. You know what! I have bacteria in my belly! Yup, on a scale of 1 to 4, I had a 4+! That's like an A+! Told ya I was smart! I was good at the vet, even with all the poking and prodding (and let me tell you a secret, they poke and prod in the weirdest places!) I have medicine now so I'm going to feel better real soon. Its tough being a puppy!

Jan 1 - Gosh, I'm so cute! Happy New Year! Last night I was having some die-a-ree-ah problems! So my Mommy cooked me rice! It's supposed to help! Then this morning I was whining because I had to go so bad and didn't want to poo in my bed! So my Daddy got up at the butt crack of dawn to let me out! On New Years Day! So you know what I did?!? Instead of going to the open door out back where my very tired and irr-it-able Daddy was standing, I ran downstairs and pooped die-aa-ree-ahh on my Daddy's nice new carpet! I don't care how nice and new it is, I just want to poop on it! I want the whole house to smell like poo someday! My Daddy said I'm not leaving the gated kitchen for a week! Gosh, I don't think he's happy with me at all! He still let me use his computer though! You know I get more visitors then he does?!? Ha hah! Poop!! Ha hah!

Dec 29 - I went for another ride in the car today! My Bri and Marty think I have si-ko-simatic barf sindrome! They think I puke in the car because I'm scared! So I went for a ride and went to see Mom at work! I like her! She smells nice! Then my Marty took me to Bond Park! It is neat! Ducks! Water! Ducks! He is trying to dee-send-sit-size me! My paws are tired from typing! I spell pretty good for a puppy, huh?!?

Dec 27 - Whoah! I'm a puppy thief! I steal binky's, cheerios, and gummy bears! I love my cousin Ashleigh! She has the best stuff! We are back to my home and I only threw up 3 times in the car today! Mom was quick and had a plastic bag ready everytime. I sure hope I get over this!

Dec 24 - Oh my gosh! We drove to Vergenya! I get carsick! I threw up so much, it was yukky! I didn't even try to eat it! Now I'm happy! I made new friends with Jessie and Carter! Roxie is kind of mean but I like her too! Ashleigh is my size, I like to tackle her! Holidays are fun! I like holidays! Do you like holidays! Oh, golly!

Dec 21 - I ran and ran! I ran so far away! I just ran! I ran both night and day!

I couldn't get away!

Dec 18 - I walked around the whole lake! There are Ka-nay-dee-ann geese in the lake! They poop more than me! They poop all over! Its smelly! I like them! I lost teeth today! I chew and chew and chew my chew toys! Want one?! Psyche!

Dec 16 - Hi! I'm walking on my leash much better! I don't get as scared of noises or other dogs - I just want to play! When I get very excited (which doesn't take much) my whole back end wiggles. I'm so cute!

Dec 14 - Gosh, I'm growing so quickly! I can't fit through the deck slats anymore! I chased my tail! I'm learning to fetch! I went for a walk around the whole lake! I like food! Made a doody!

Dec 10 - Hi! Today my friend Cider came over to play with me! She's a goldendoodle just like me and she is so nice! We run around my backyard like crazy and get all dirty its so fun. Then I sleep forever when she leaves - mom and dad love it! Last night I forgot and peed on the carpet! Woopsie! Then I chewed my bone too fast and threw up! Dad cleaned it all up, what a guy! I can sit on command and if you give me a cookie, I can lay down, too! I'm a smart puppy! Oh - can I poo on the carpet? I can't remember!

Dec 8 - Hi! I'm a good girl! I can almost sit! This morning I gave my Bri paw! She likes me! I like her! Is that a squirrel?!

Dec 7 - Hi! I go into my crate at night to sleep and I don't even cry anymore! I sleep right next to the crate door so I can be as close to mom and dad as possible. Sometimes I bump into the door and it makes noise but mom and dad just put earplugs in! Yesterday I woke up early and wanted to play! Mom took me outside and then gated me in the kitchen because she was still tired! She didn't take me out long enough and I had to poo! I pooed on the kitchen floor, but it was right by the door! Whaddya want from me?! I tried! I'm a puppy!

Dec 5 update #2(hahaha!) - Its chilly here at night! I showed my mom a real steaming pile of poo! She was impressed! I also retrieved sticks tonight! Phooey on those expensive toys I have!

Dec 5 - Hi! Today we went for a walk! I like to run! There is a lake! I want to jump in! I made my Marty tired, he thinks he is the dog whisperer! Gosh I have a lot of energy! Now I'm sleepy!

Dec 2 - Hi I'm a puppy! Gosh I like the backyard! I can run! I like to play fetch! What is the ball for?! I pooped today! On the carpet! My Marty didn't like that! I'm a puppy!

Nov 27 - Hi! I'm a puppy! I like my new house! Today we jumped through the back screen door! Whoops!! What was my Marty thinking?! Then I showed Marty how bad my farts stink! Oh boy, do they ever! Gosh, I like dirt! What's that?! Is that a squirrel?! I like it here! I'm sleepy!