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2012 was a bust. Baby born in December 2011. No sleep for several months. Stress fracture of my 5th metatarsal in April. Came back to take 3rd overall in two local sprints during the summer. Re-injured my foot in September. That's all she wrote. Had a few good weeks of 10-12hrs but was really skipping along at 6-7 hours a week for the most part. It would be a stretch to call this serious triathlon training. More like fitness cross-training with a couple triathlons thrown in.

2011 was good, probably 10-12 hours per week, more like 8000 yards swimming, some 120+ mile bike weeks, and 20-30 running. Finished the season with a 4:36 on a windy day at Beach 2 Battleship half.

2008-2010: I have not been keeping serious track of my numbers for the past three seasons. It's a combination of spending so much time on coaching other people that tracking my own data is not all that fun, and just plain laziness. These days I average about 12 hours per week, sometimes more and sometimes less. In season I swim about 10,000 yards, ride 100-150 miles, and run 20-30 miles per week. I also do additional strength training like core work, kung fu, yoga, or bodyweight resistance exercises. Every 3 or 4 weeks I try to load up the volume. In the off season I keep up with running, strength, and easy swimming but don't ride much if at all.

Below you will find detailed logs of several years of triathlon training.


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Training for a triathlon is simple. Get some goggles, shoes, a bike, and a helmet. Then go have fun.