Mad Marty's 2002 Summer Training

03 June 2002

Had a decent week of training and capped it off with a double race on Saturday - Coca Cola Davis Island sprint triathlon (was 4th) in the AM and the Indian Rocks Beach Biathlon (was 1st) in the evening. I'm running well on the track but I think a lack of volume on both the bike and run has zapped some of the strength I need to hold a fast pace off the bike...I knew the early season (with a running injury, and then way too much travel and other life related stuff) might have its frustrating moments but that doesn't change the frustration. That's life though, and I have to remind myself that I still do better than most of my competition...I just tend to look straight up and set about climbing to the top of the mountain.

Monday AM - off
Lunch- EZ 2400 yds
PM-track run ~8miles
  • 2 mile warm up
  • 1 x 1 mile at 5:21, 3 min rest
  • 4 x 400 at ~:77, 90 sec rest between
  • 8 minute break
  • 1 x 1 mile at 5:13
  • 15 min cool down
  • ran all this pretty comfortably
Tuesday AM - 3200 m swim
lunch - 35min spin
PM - 3mile run?
    Wednesday AM - off
    lunch - off
    PM - 50m group ride with 14min transition run (build to fast 2 minutes at end)
    Thursday AM - 2600 m swim
    lunch - off
    PM - 40 min run with 5 strides
    Friday AM - 25 min trainer spin with a couple accelerations
    PM - drive to St Pete
    Saturday AM - Coke Davis Island - 4th in 56:27
    lunch - off
    PM - Indian Rocks Beach Biathlon - 1st in 39:53
    Sunday AM - 28 mile moderate ride
    lunch - drive home
    PM - work for the man

    Totals: Maybe 5 hrs riding, 3.5 running, and 2.5 swimming. This low volume bullshit is great for 'fitness' but doesn't work for me to be competitive on the Florida sprint racing scene (or rephrased, will not get me to the finish line ahead of John Reback, Dave/Bill Picciano, & Dan Domingo). I am ramping up the volume and will do a 12-week periodization for the Duke Blue Devil iron-distance race Sept 14. Look for 4 week blocks of run-bike-run-recover. Will hit a couple sprints along the way and hope to put in some redemption performances.

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