Mad Marty's 2002 Summer Training

26 August 2002

No remarks - adequate but not excellent training...

Monday AM - recovery day
L - off
PM - off
Tuesday AM - off
L - 6m tempo
PM - 3400 swim
Wednesday AM - weights
L - off buffet
PM - 1 hr 15 min trainer ride with 6 x 2 minute at Z3+
Thursday AM - off
L -3000 swim
PM - 6m run w/ 6 x 400 at Z3 (81-2)
Friday AM - weights
L - 3m jog & situps
PM - 1 hr trainer w 20min big gear riding
Saturday AM - 13miles run at local race, felt lousy overall but legs were fine
L- off
PM - off
Sunday AM - 4800 yd swim
PM - off
Labor Day AM - 80m (4 hr) ride, 25 min run
PM - off

Not as high on volume as I'd like, but the reality is that I've been feeling a bit worn out, and with the race coming up, there's not a whole lot I can do at this point to prepare except rest and focus. Note the Sat long run, Sun long swim, Mon long ride scenario.