Mad Marty's 2001-2002 Base Training

29 April 2002

Taper week...

Monday AM - off
Lunch- 37min run w 5 pickups
PM - final exam
Tuesday AM - off
lunch - 2500 swim w/ 12 x 100 desc 1-4 to 1:00, 1:20 interval
PM - 35min spin on trainer
Wednesday AM - off
lunch - 28 min jog
PM - 40min spin on trainer with a couple pickups
Thursday AM - NADA (planned easy swim)
lunch - travel
PM - Nada (planned easy 15 min run)
Friday AM - off
lunch - 10min swim (planned easy 40min spin - mechanical probs)
PM - off
Saturday AM - Wildflower Long Course - 4:46.29 (weak bike)
lunch - off
PM - off
Sunday AM - cheer for Brianne in Wildflower Olympic Distance (she took 6th overall)
lunch - off
PM - off off

Total: 3.75 ride, 2.5 run, 1.5 hr swim.

Missing a ride on Friday was probably the worst thing I could have done. I had some trouble with the headset putting it together, so had to drop it at a shop in San Luis Obispo (SLO Cyclery). They got it done but I missed an easy ride and I think my legs really needed it. But that's life.

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