Mad Marty's 2001-2002 Base Training

06 May 2002

recovery week and mental vacation

Monday AM - off
Lunch- travel
PM - travel
Tuesday AM - off
lunch - 2100 swim easy
PM - off
Wednesday AM - off
lunch - 40 min jog
PM - off
Thursday AM - off
lunch - 2500 easy swim
PM - off
Friday AM - off
lunch - off
PM - off
Saturday AM - off
lunch - off
PM - 32min jog
Sunday AM - off
lunch - off
PM - off off

Total: unimportant

This week was my break from training and thinking about training, racing, etc. The rest of the summer is going to be focused on running speedwork in preparation for a few late season big races. I will continue to swim 3x a week and put in some monster rides on free weekends and sunny Wednesdays.

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