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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weekend Preview

I just finished some oatmeal and am about to get Marty moving for our long run. We're heading to Umstead to do Turkey Creek, hopefully with some tempo thrown in. Then a short mountain bike ride immediately after. Marty's friend, Collis, is flying in this afternoon for a visit and to do the Jordan Lake Open Water Swim. Marty and Collis both swam at FSU eons ago ;)

The race had over 100 signups when online registration closed the other night! We'll be at Inside Out this evening doing packet pickup from 5-6pm (which really just consists of a cap and t-shirt, but help us out and get your stuff tonight so the morning isn't so busy).

Even though the swim will probably be wetsuit legal, I'm going to go without mine. What?! But I've said on here 20 different times how much I love my wetsuit! That's still true but I think I'll get a much better workout without it, and I already know I swim well in it so it's not like I need that practice. And I'll look like a real swimmer without one :)


At June 6, 2009 2:21 PM , Blogger Angela said...

you're funny, you look like a real swimmer regardless!

Hope the swim goes well. Tim and I plan to do the Nuclear swim in August.


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