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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Catchup

I had to work Monday through Wednesday of last week, and it was surprisingly busy, even with a lot of people taking PTO. It went fast at least. Marty and I saw Avatar in 3-D and you can ready Mr. Cynical's review on his website. Thursday we drove to Virginia where we would be spending the holiday at my sister's house.

Christmas Eve we had our now traditional dinner at Outback.

I'm on the nice list and Shana's on the naughty list:

Christmas morning was filled with lots and lots of presents.

Nice jersey! Tassie somehow managed to get in most of our pictures, too.

Tassie also made time to get her hair did.

And in keeping with the theme, Shana and I wore matching shirts for Christmas dinner.

Christmas dinner is always lasagna. Don't get me started on you people who eat Thanksgiving again on Christmas.

The day after Christmas Marty and I found a park where there was a 1.5 mile trail around a lake. Neither of us wanted to run at the Dismal Swamp again (BORING), but we didn't factor in all the rain, so the trail we found was beyond muddy. And yeah, we did have to do a bunch of loops, but at least it was interesting. Tassie ran about 6.5 miles with us. The first lap was spent trying to get her to not run through all the mud puddles, but we quickly realized this was futile. She got a bath when we got back to my sister's house.

When we got home yesterday, Marty and I went out for a short mountain bike ride. It was sunny and 50-something degrees and there were families and puppies and babies all running around the local park. If it were any cuter we would both have been puking rainbows.

And it wouldn't be Christmas without catching some sort of cold, so now I'm all hopped up on some over the counter medicine and have a big box of Puffs Plus to help minimize the red nose from blowing too much.


At December 28, 2009 12:44 PM , Blogger runningyankee said...

really you are on the good list? hmm must not have checked that twice...

At December 28, 2009 3:12 PM , Blogger Kim said...

Love the matching shirts all around!! How fun! Glad you had a nice Holiday. I like that bike jersey too..so bright and fun. Sorry about your cold. It's that time of year - yuck! Get better!!

At December 29, 2009 11:01 PM , Blogger Beth said...

That's one dirty dog!! :)

Sounds like a great Christmas. Hope you feel better soon!


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