a Bri Gaal's Blog: May 2008

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Its official, I’m in the Aqua Velo for Eagleman. This is a fancy word for people who will only be swimming and biking. Not only do I get to do one less sport, but I get to pay an additional $25 for it! Makes you want to not switch and just stop after the bike and hand in your chip, but I know it’s the right thing to do. I have to confess first – I have not been the most diligent little triathlete since injury struck. I have certainly still been working out, just my bikes have definitely not been as long or nearly as intense as they would’ve been if I was still committed to the full half ironman. I’ve been swimming 3 times a week, biking usually 3 times, and aquarunning twice a week. At the beginning I had this grand plan of riding like 5 times a week since I would have all this extra time from not running, but somehow it just hasn’t worked out. Ah well. It will still be fun to swim and ride knowing I don’t have to run afterwards. I’m just trying to think of the last time I actually rode that far… :)

This weekend will be fun. My entire family is heading into the Triangle and my 9 year old niece will be doing her first triathlon at the Swim for Smiles youth triathlon. This is a big volunteer event for our Triathlon Team. Last year, in our drought-ridden summer, was the one day that it absolutely poured so we're all hoping for better weather this year. It's great to watch all the kids compete.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Almost 5 Years

I realized the other day that I've been blogging for almost 5 years now. You can go back in time and read all about it in the link to right (My Archive from Years Past). Except we didn't call it blogging back then. That term might have been around, but I'm not sure. We just called it making updates. Marty's website dates back to 1999, and after he deemed it acceptable, he allowed me to make some updates myself. Just kidding, he really lets me do what I want, I promise! So at the beginning there weren't a whole lot of people that I knew that also had webpages that they updated frequently, except for these guys, so I waited patiently for them to make their own updates. They were the extent of my blog roll at the time. Over the years, and really in the past 2 years it seems that blogs have absolutely exploded. I can barely keep up with reading them all - and they sure do pass the time when I have slow days at work :) I used to think, come on! Update already! But now I don't really have to say that since there are so many of you out there that I enjoy reading. Anyways, it's pretty neat to go back and read what I wrote back then. I would never remember some of the things we did except for the archive. I certainly don't expect other people to go back and read it, but I'm definitely glad I have it. Kind of like an interactive scrapbook for us non-creative types.

I like putting up pictures on this thing, and this is a picture of Marty and I from 2003 (the year I started blogging! Pay attention!) I was a lot younger and Marty had a lot more hair. The guy in the middle was a pretty good triathlete back in the day. Pop quiz and a gold star to whoever says who it is first :) Now if you are a VERY astute reader, you may have noticed that yes, this is the same dress I wore to Aaron and Casey's wedding at the beginning of May. Five years later and still getting my money's worth.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Age Group World Championships

I know a lot of people who will be racing in the Age Group World Championships in a couple of weeks. I'm a bit envious because I know it will be a great time and competitive race! Good luck to you all.

Last year Marty and I drove to Chattanooga and raced in the Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon. Marty had several clients in the Chattanooga area, and he had signed up well in advance. But it wasn't until about a month before I decided I wanted to make the trip and race there, too. I had never been to Chattanooga and it sounded like a fun race. That was about all I knew, until the night before when one of my teammates emailed me and said that age group winners get an automatic slot to the Age Group World Championships in Vancouver.

Marty and I have never been to a World Championships before - always because of cost. We've done Nationals twice (the first year in Shreveport, LA, and the second year in Kansas City, MO), and we've qualified for World's at both those races but let our spots roll down. I think Portugal was the site for the first one, and despite our friends saying how nice it would be to honeymoon there, no I did NOT want to race a triathlon the weekend after our wedding! Switzerland was the next place, and it doesn't get more expensive than that. Marty had already decided that even if he got a slot in Chattanooga, he wouldn't take it (he did get the slot, by the way). I was thinking it might be cool to get to a World Championships, and this one in Vancouver would be much cheaper than the other two I had qualified for. The race went well and I finished 2nd overall (however, finding out I had lost by a mere 10 seconds in a time trial start was tough to swallow!). They pulled the top 5 out for awards, but I also ended up winning my age group. Marty kept telling me that if I wanted to take the slot, I could. But after thinking about it for quite awhile, doing the financial analysis (whaddya want, we're both MBA's), I decided to let my slot roll to the next person. That person happened to be Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach, who would've been a fantastic representive for our age group. But she proceeded to break her butt and can't race either. I'm not sure if it then goes to the next person or if there will be an empty spot where one of us could've been. Not that it matters at this point since I can't run right now! The picture above is from the awards ceremony. Right to left is 5th through 1st (chick who got 5th, Marit, Amy, me, chick who won). Even though Marit and I have raced against each other a few times, we've never formally met. But now we're blogging friends - the wonders of the internet :)

In a little bit I'll be going for a bike ride with my sister. Marty DID manage to get up this morning and is currently racing the Woodlake Triathlon. Later on we're heading to a friend's lakehouse for an afternoon cookout. And tomorrow, which happens to be my birthday :) my friend Alysia is inviting people over for a bbq just for me! Should be a fun weekend and no work on Monday - YEAH!!

Friday, May 23, 2008


I just got back from picking Tassie up at the vet from her ultrasound to see what was up with her heart murmur. She, of course, did great and everyone loved her and said how sweet she was. But the results weren't the greatest. Luckily, it's not the worst case scenario which I forget what part of the heart that involves, but it ends in surgery. She has a problem with the biggest valve. It's not shutting properly and is letting blood get into the chamber. Over a long period of time, this causes the heart to grow larger and the lining to get thinner and weaken. So the heart would get bigger and weaker. The worst news is that her lining is already thinning, which the vet and the ultrasound dude were surprised at since she's not even 2 years old yet.

The vet was very unsure as to what this exactly means - the fact that there is already a change in her heart definitely didn't give anyone warm fuzzies, and probably means that in another year, untreated, it would be worse, and really shorten her lifespan. He couldn't say that for sure since she is not a pure breed that has history he could go on. He said we can put her on blood pressure medication and this should definitely help the condition from progressing faster than if she wasn't on any medication. I asked why we wouldn't want to put her on the medication and his only reason was cost - so I'm thinking it's way expensive like hundreds of dollars a month, but it turns out it will be more like $30 a month. So I said, GIVE ME THE MEDICATION!!! Seriously, we don't want to gamble with her life over $30/month. So that is good news and I hope that it really does help her heart!

She'll get another ultrasound in a year (and probably every year after that) to monitor what's going on. AND another good thing is he said this should not in any way limit her activities - so she is free to run as much as she wants.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Injury What?

I went to another doctor today - they took x-rays that showed nothing, and she said it IS my plantar fascia. She seemed to think that it is extremely inflamed right at the insertion. I'm supposed to take 1800 milligrams of ibuprofen a day and not run for two weeks and then see how it feels. I hope that it's that easy. Although, honestly if it is, I'm going to be a bit pissed that that's all I needed to do and I could've done that FOUR WEEKS AGO. It's not much different than what I've been doing anyways, minus all the ibuprofen. I've taken a bit, but not that much. It seems like a lot to me, but I guess the doc knows what they are doing. How frustrating. I feel like I'm being a wimp, but then when I walk for too long, it hurts. Then I realize I'm not, but it's an endless cycle of berating myself for being so soft, to convincing myself I'm not crazy. If it still hurts in 2 weeks, we move to def con 3.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bad Dog!

Marty and I had another fun Wednesday night at our group ride. While we were away, Tassie decided to tear up my owner's manual for my new phone - a Blackberry Pearl. This is way too much phone for me and I can barely place a call, so you can see how this is going to be problematic.

I yelled at her pretty good and now she is sad and I of course, feel bad.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Heal Heel!

This afternoon I went and saw a Dr. about my persistent foot pain. He's a top notch physical therapist recommended to me by my sister. It was a bit of drive to see him (he's out in Hillsborough) but I knew I wanted to go to someone who not only knew what he was talking about, but was in tune with running - and he was all of these.

I was honestly expecting him to tell me that I have a heel spur or something equivalent and that I would need to give it some more rest, get into some good orthotics and away we go. Apparently, I should stick to my day job instead of moonlighting as a doctor because that's not what he thought at all. He watched me run and poked and prodded my heel and determined that it probably had nothing to do with plantar fasciitis. If it were a heel spur he said I would still have the classic symptoms of pf like severe pain in the morning. In fact, my foot feels the best in the morning. And saddest of all, for the 30 seconds I ran for him, my foot hurt. Pretty bad.

He thinks it could be a stress fracture or stress reaction. I was a bit floored by this because in all my years of running, I have never had a stress fracture. I've never even broken a bone my entire life. He suggested I get an x-ray, which can sometime show a stress fracture (but not always), so I'll be making another appointment with a sports orthopedist. If nothing shows up, I'm not so sure I'll go to the next step which would probably be a bone scan, but he assured me if nothing showed up I am not crazy. I guess we'll go from there. So in summary, not what I wanted to hear. I have no idea when I'll be able to run again.

In other news, Tassie had a tick on her last night - another new experience for us. She was good and let me hold her while Marty tweezed the little sucker out. We put it in a baggie and then tried to determine if we managed to get the head out or if it was still lodged in her. We think we got it, and she seems no worse for the wear

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Walk in the Woods

'A Walk in the Woods' is a fantastic book by Bill Bryson, about hiking the Appalachian Trail. If you've never read anything by him, you should. He's very witty and extremely funny, but also very informative and interesting. I highly, highly recommend that book. Another good one that I read of his was about Australia, called 'In a Sunburnt Country.'

I did my own walk in the woods today as Marty and Tassie went for a run. By the way, please see Marty's Blog to read why we didn't make it down to Surf City this morning.

It was a beautiful day in North Carolina, and once again I was very thankful to live near such a great park with so many trails. Even though I can't run right now, I decided to go for a walk and bring my camera to snap some pictures along the way. The air was comfortable, the breeze was slight and the birds were chirping. As much as I wanted to be running, I still enjoyed the day. So here in pictures is my walk in the woods.

Here is Marty and our skinny puppy ready for their run.

This is the beginning of the trail that heads down to the river and the old mill.

It winds on down at the beginning...

It starts to narrow...

And there are a couple of little bridges to cross...

Some places are steep...

And others are wide open...

Until you finally get to the stream...

It's funny how much great scenery you can miss when you're out there running. I had a real nice walk :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friends/Swimming/Upcoming Weekend - why do I have to think of a title for every blog entry?

One thing that was hard for Marty and I to deal with when we first moved to North Carolina was leaving a really good, fun group of friends we had in Orlando. Of course it was an easier transition since we traveled before we moved up here, but once we were settled it took us quite awhile to find people to hang out with. We found people to train with pretty easily, but it's a bit harder to make friends to go out with when you're older, I guess. One of Marty’s first emails to the list serve for our triathlon team went something like, ‘Hey everyone, Bri and I were thinking of heading out to the Flying Saucer in the early evening. Anyone care to join?’ Chirping crickets could be heard as no one responded, and we realized finding our Orlando group up here in the Triangle would be harder than we anticipated. And just for the record, Marty and I are no where near heavy partiers. Our friends in Florida used to make fun of us for always leaving so early, but we do enjoy the nice frosty beverage after a good day of training or social happy hours with other people.

We seem to have hit our groove now, and have many options of people who also enjoy the pleasures other than training. There is a Mexican restaurant that many of the riders frequent after the hard weekday ride, and we’ve uncovered team members who also like to go out. Friday mornings after Masters practice, a lot of people now join us for breakfast at a local place in Cary (no beer involved there!). It’s nice to have found different groups to hang out with again.

Speaking of Masters, Marty had us do some fast 50's off the blocks at the end of practice this morning! I swam a :30 which must be a PR since the last time I did that was probably around 9 years old. Goggles even stayed on.

This weekend Marty is racing the Surf n Turf triathlon in Surf City, North Carolina (funny name, I know). It’s a ½ mile swim, 4 mile bike, 2 mile run, 4 mile bike, 1 mile run (funny race, I know). I am also signed up for it but seeing as I haven’t run in quite awhile now, I’m skipping out and will just be watching and cheering everyone on. Tassie will be with me so if you’re there, come up and say hi. She will wiggle for you, but please don’t make fun of her ridiculously short haircut – she is sensitive. She can’t help that she is a boney little thing. I think she has a very high metabolism. I’m also going to a doctor on Monday and hoping for a miracle cure so I can then resume running, I don’t know, Tuesday? :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Aqua Running

Everyone seems to call it aqua jogging, but I prefer to think of it as aqua running. I've always cringed when someone has told me, "I saw you out jogging the other day!" I think to myself, No! I was running! So from here on out it shall be called aqua running.

The aqua running went pretty good on Tuesday morning. The pool we swim at is new and expensive and consequently doesn't get a whole lot of people in the morning. And it was still set up long course. And the whole thing is deep. So I had an entire long course lane to myself to do my aqua running. As I've complained before, the pool is pretty cold (78 or under sometimes!) but I actually worked up quite a sweat. I was trying to hold good upright running form the entire time, and my foot was flat (not pointed downward) - because of this my calves were quite sore, and still are a day later! I wasn't expecting this at all and wonder if this is supposed to happen? Any other aqua runners out there?

In other Gaal news, tomorrow is our 4 year anniversary. Time sure does fly. Two years ago we were at the Great Barrier Reef - it's hard to top that anniversary :) Marty and I have been together for almost 8 years all told. He's my best friend and I'm so very happy to be married to him - I love you, Marby!!

And of course what would an update be without more Tassie news? We haven't scheduled her ultrasound yet so no news on that, but she did get her summer haircut this morning. Pretty much they shaved her all down except for leaving an afro on the top of her head so now she really looks like a poodle instead of a goldendoodle. Everytime we pick her up from the groomers we think they gave us the wrong dog back because she looks so different all de-fluffed. I always make Marty tell them to put bows on her but she shakes them off before I get home so this time he made sure to get a picture. She is definitely giving him the stink-eye in this picture...probably she is mad about her bows. She is much happier sitting in the barrel that used to have plants in it. Her and her friend have managed to dig them out, I guess so they have somewhere else to sit.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Heart Murmur

A few months ago Tassie got sick and was throwing up and had diarrhea, so I took her to the vet and they gave her some medication and all was well. Except when he listened to her heart he said it sounded like she had a heart murmur, but it could just be dehydration. Anyways, today she had to go back for some regular shots and they listened again and it's still there. So now she has to get an ultrasound so they can see if there is anything really wrong with her - sheesh! Of course it's not cheap but we definitely are willing to pay for it. He said that chances are she'll be okay and might just need some sort of medication for the rest of her life. Hopefully it's not the other scenario which would be something very wrong with her heart that could shorten her life a lot. She doesn't seem to have any trouble sprinting around the backyard or running with us, so I'm hoping it's just one of those things. I know people who have heart murmurs and it's not a big deal.

So woops, I had a bad nights sleep last night and ended up sleeping through morning swim practice. I got in a pretty good lifting session at work during lunch, though. I added some weight to some of the stations, but won't tell you all how much it was because it would make you laugh. I can't help it I have skinny, T-Rex like arms. I will tell you that when I got back to my desk and tried to write something down I could barely read my own chicken scratch because my hand was shaking so badly. Tomorrow I'm getting my butt out of bed so I can go water-running! Yay! That will be lots of fun! Just kidding, but I do have a waterproof MP3 player that will help pass the time (thanks Heather). And Marty is supposed to get up with me so I can always watch his loping, powerful swim stroke, which I do love. I wish I could make swimming look as easy as he does.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cold & Rainy Ride

I met my teammate Amie for a ride this morning - we had decided to leave at 8:30 so we could miss the rain. The weather people were totally wrong when they had predicted it would start raining at 10 or 10:30. It was more like 8:45! Nasrin began with us but decided very quickly that she was turning back to go home (smart woman). Amie and I toughed it out for 1.5 hours and arrived back at our house soaking wet and shivering. After hot showers and hot chocolate, we began to thaw out a bit. We didn't see any other riders out there, so we were either very hardcore or very stupid. It was in the 50's and I realize that this may not be all that cold to you northerners, but we've been enjoying some very nice days in the 70's and 80's recently. So 50 is cold, and then add in the rain and all of the sudden it's arctic-like.

A few hours later Marty (who was conspiculously absent from our ride) and I went to the Y. I was going to do the elliptical and he was going to lift. I only made it about 7 minutes on the elliptical before I had to stop. My foot was unbearable - not even the heel but the entire dang thing! So I walked over to the rowing machine thingamajig which looked interesting and did that until my butt screamed (and my hands had developed blisters). Some cross training.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Foot Follies

Oh, the foot. Not so good for those of you who are wondering. I did what Melissa said and didn't run after my torture massage. Instead I biked with the group on Wednesday after work (so fun!). I'm very glad my foot doesn't hurt when I bike. On Thursday after work, Marty met me at Umstead. I was very hopeful; my foot had been feeling pretty good. It didn't hurt all that much when walking around and it didn't hurt hardly at all in the mornings. But the run didn't go well. It hurt from the start, but I kept thinking it just needed to warm-up. I looked at my watch and realized it still hadn't warmed up after 20 minutes. Then after 25 minutes I realized I was altering my stride. So Marty said, "Let's walk." And I did. Then I said, "Let's run." And off we went and the heel felt good for a bit! Then it didn't. Then it got very painful. And we walked some more, and then we just walked the rest of the way back to the car. Marty put his arm around me and told me not to worry. He was trying his best to be supportive, but I was spiraling downward into that place where us girls quickly go -- and once I got back into my car I had a good cry by myself. And then I called my dad.

Eagleman is probably out. I might do the aquabike if they let me switch, since I did fork over a lot of $$ for the race, and we have friends who will be there racing. In the back of mind (like some of you knew) I was hoping if I had a great race I may just score a Hawaii spot. Of course I don't have a big interest in doing an Ironman, but Hawaii is a different story all together. I thought I had a chance at it anyways, but definitely not anymore. And I don't want to do the race when I'm not ready or when I could hurt myself more. Because at this point, I haven't run much at all since St. Anthony's which means:

A) I haven't even gotten close to the long runs I need, and when I do run
B) It hurts, which leads to
C) Not a good idea to race a half ironman

I'm planning on aqua-jogging (thanks Marit and Jen) and doing the elliptical (I think my foot is okay with this?). And biking. Maybe my bike will get really strong, which would be a nice side effect to the bum foot.

I've also emailed a doctor who comes highly recommended from my sister (she's a PhD at UNC and a physical therapist, so I trust her judgement!). I want to get an evaluation from him because I'm a little concerned that my foot doesn't hurt in the morning. This is like the biggest, number one sign that you have PF. I want to get his opinion so I know that it is in fact PF so I can do the right things to heal it up (like looking into orthotics, etc).

I'm bummed, but I'm also fine. As much as I would like to do Eagleman, I also want to be healthy. And there are many more races in my future and I don't want to wallow around feeling sorry for myself. So I'm not!

Here is a picture of Tassie. Tassie always makes me happy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Zone

The zone is a beautiful place. It’s a place where in running, you tick off the miles like you could go all day. In biking, you’re turning over your legs and going fast but it feels easy. It’s where there aren’t any distractions from the outside world. It’s a place where it’s only you, and you are completely comfortable with yourself and what you’re doing. Getting into the zone is not always easy, but when you’re there, relish it. I’ve had the opportunity to be in the zone a few times, but not enough! I’m going to take a walk down memory lane - this is my blog after all, so might as well be a little self indulgent! - the first time I was ever truly in the zone, back when I was 13 years old.

I’ve been running for most of my life, but the other sport that was my passion growing up was basketball. When I was 13, I participated in the Elks National Free Throw Contest. This contest starts at the city level and winners keep moving on to the next round. The rounds were set up like this: City, Districts, Sub-Regionals, State, Regionals, Nationals. Each contestant would go to the free throw line, and shoot 5 warmup shots, followed by 10 in a row that would count toward your total score. The next contestant would go and so on until everyone had shot their first 10 shots. After this first round, each contestant would go back to the line and shoot their remaining 15 free throws in a row, for a total score out of 25 shots. I was lucky enough to advance all the way to Nationals, but the round that I found myself in the zone was at State.

The state championship was held at the University of Central Florida – unbeknownst to me at the time, my future college. There were only 3 contestants in each age bracket; one each representing the north, central and south regions of Florida. I was from the central region, and was the second contestant to shoot. The first girl, from the north, made 8 out of 10 free throws in the first round. I also made 8 out of 10, but the south girl didn’t do so well and was pretty much out of it after that. The north girl then went up to shoot her final 15, and made 12 of them. She was sitting pretty with a total score of 20/25. I was up next and proceeded to miss my first 2 shots! However, I wasn’t the least bit ruffled. My mind was steady and I simply thought: “I’ll make the next one.” And I did. “I’ll make the next one.” And so it went. I quickly lost count and just kept thinking, “Okay, now I’ll make this one.” I would shoot, make it, and then turn to the guy who would hand me another ball. Until I turned to him one time and he simply said, “You’re done," with a smile. It was then that I realized I had just made the final 13 in a row to win. Not once did I doubt myself. The entire time I was confident that, no worries, just make the next one. It was an incredible place to be.

Worries, fears, doubts – all of these hinder us from finding the zone. Most of the time, it is ourselves that sabotage our races with these negative thoughts. We keep ourselves out of it. Don’t worry about your competition; you can only control yourself. Don’t worry about the weather; it’s the same for everyone, and you certainly can't change it. Don’t worry about the missed run as you toe the line; worrying about it now is not going to make one iota of a difference. Don’t worry about what people think of you; people don’t think about you as much as you think they do :)

Here’s to finding the zone! Let’s all play in it!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Unwrinkling the Plantar Fascia

I just got back from my massage with Melissa, and am now sitting at my computer with a bag of vegetables under my right foot. She told me to ice it right when I got home and that I'm also not allowed to run tomorrow - what?! WAAAAH! Eagleman is so right around the corner and this girl has not run more than 45 minutes for many weeks now. New goal: race without feeling miserable.

The title of this post comes from Melissa who said she was really able to unwrinkle my plantar fascia (YECH!) Oh yeah, and I felt it! Melissa's husband Dave has my bike right now because it really needed a tune-up and cleaning. They are quite a good couple to know. Incidentally, my bike does not have a name - it seems that it is quite fashionable to give your bike a name, but no, my bike is just my bike. And that's what it will stay.

I swam this morning with the masters group. It is set up long course on Monday's and I am so slow at long course. Slower than what the conversion to yards is. Depressingly slow. I guess I'm better at flip turns than I realize, and that is not good for open water swimming. Really need to work on that. The lakes around here are warming up so I'm hoping to find some time to swim some open water this summer. Where I find that time is still TBD.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Testing, testing

This morning Marty and I headed to Umstead for a run. It was the moment of truth - would I be able to run? We started off, and uh-oh, not good. My heal was hurting badly. Marty suggested we just try and run 3 miles and I sadly agreed. Less than 10 minutes into the run, however, it started feeling better. It was like it warmed-up a bit. Even though it still hurt, it wasn't un-runnable, so we kept going until we turned around at 23 minutes. All told we ran for 46 minutes...okay, it was more of a jog but I was very happy. It was much less than what was originally on my schedule, but Marty didn't want me to go too long just yet, seeing as I really haven't run since St. Anthony's. Tomorrow I'm going over to our friend Melissa's house - she is an awesome massage therapist and she's going to work on my foot. Sure to be painful but I know it will help. The best news may be that all day today walking around my foot hasn't hurt too bad. I hope no one yells at me for wearing Keens at work tomorrow, because they seem to be the best shoe for me right now.

Speaking of my pesky foot, I'm sure I didn't help matters last night by wearing heels at the wedding, but what could I have done? You can't exactly wear sneakers with a nice dress. So I did my best at staying seated (no dancing) and when I was seated I had my shoe off so it wasn't putting any strain on my calf or achilles tendon. Here is a picture of us girls surrounding a very debonair looking Lawrence. If you've been to an Ironman Expo, you've probably met him.

That's Kara and me on the left, and then Kristin and Alysia on the right. The wedding was very beautiful and a lot of fun. Below is groom, Aaron, with our friend's Dave and Melissa (Melissa Massage Therapist Extraordinaire).

Finally, I have to give a big shout to fellow teammate, Stacey Richardson, who was the first amateur down at the St. Croix 70.3. She was aiming for that Kona slot all year and she crushed everyone en route to it. What a stud.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy May

I've put a more detailed St. Anthony's race report on our triathlon team's website.

I had a very busy and stressful week at work, and am so glad it's Friday! Unfortunately, my foot is still bothering me quite a bit. I haven't tried running since Tuesday and have been doing all the recommended things that sometimes help plantar fasciitis. I'm going to try and go for a jog this weekend so keep your fingers crossed. If I can't run very soon, I probably won't be able to do Eagleman which would be a real bummer.

Anywho, onto more positive topics! This weekend is the White Lake Half and Sprint Triathlon - very popular races here in NC. Marty is heading down in the morning to watch a few of his athletes compete in the half, and I will be up here riding my bike for 3 hours. Tomorrow night we have a wedding to go to that I know will be a lot of fun. That's about it. Check you all lata.